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Cloud networking specialist Mavenir, in collaboration with Nvidia and Amazon Web Services (AWS), has unveiled a pioneering suite of generative AI (GenAI) solutions aimed at enhancing intelligent Radio Access Network (RAN) operations. Dubbed Operations Co-Pilot for RAN Service Assurance, this innovative platform promises to revolutionize network troubleshooting by automating fault prediction and root cause analysis.

Nvidia is setting its sights on a more significant role within the mobile networking sphere, particularly in the emerging field of 6G technology. At its annual GTC AI event, the company unveiled its ambitious 6G Research Cloud Platform, positioning itself as a key player in the next evolution of mobile technology. This initiative is designed to leverage Nvidia’s expertise in chips and AI, demonstrating its capabilities beyond the realm of 5G.

Telenor, the Norwegian telecom giant, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Nvidia, marking a significant step towards integrating artificial intelligence (AI) within its operations and offerings in the Nordics. This ambitious initiative is set to transform Telenor’s business model, embedding AI into its network operations and creating AI-driven solutions for its customer base.

In a strategic move aimed at bolstering its standing in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), Swiss telecommunications giant Swisscom has entered into a partnership with Nvidia. The collaboration, unveiled at the AI House Davos during the World Economic Forum, involves the creation of generative AI full-stack supercomputers utilizing Nvidia accelerators and AI software in Switzerland and Italy.

Nvidia, the graphics processing unit heavyweight, plans to enter Intel’s domain with ARM-based chips tailor-made for Windows PCs, according to insiders. AMD, another significant player in this space, is also reportedly considering ARM technology. This move, potentially hitting the market by 2025, has been stimulated by Microsoft’s interest in duplicating the efficiency of Apple’s ARM-use in AI processing. Yet, Nvidia’s past attempt to acquire ARM was thwarted by regulators, putting the company’s motives under scrutiny as the PC CPU sector braces for potential disruption.