Kamile Bigenyte


ARG’s AI-Enabled Communications Market Insights & Decision Guide, reveals that businesses expect AI to impact their roles. A survey by Next DLP found that 73% of security professionals used unauthorized SaaS apps. The University of Sheffield’s National 6G Radio Systems Facility aims to establish the U.K. as a leader in 6G technology. Brazil’s telecom regulator Anatel has issued 66 licenses for private 5G networks.

MasOrange has launched its 5G Standalone (SA) network at the Port of Barcelona, revolutionizing mobility services. This innovative 5G deployment promises ultra-low latency, enabling precise operations and extensive real-time tracking. With a 3.6 million euro investment, the network enhances connectivity, benefiting port operations, security, and surveillance through comprehensive 5G coverage.

Ericsson and King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST) have extended their research partnership for two more years, focusing on cutting-edge telecommunications technologies like 5G, 6G, and on-chip reflective intelligent surfaces. This collaboration promises to drive innovations and enhance the future of global connectivity, aligning with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.