UK's Competition and Markets Authority to maintain an open playing field in AI sector by centering its approach around seven core principles. AI

The UK Competition and Markets Authority is charting the course for fair AI practices, guided by seven strategic principles. Their balanced approach, drawn from a diverse pool of inputs, aims to ensure competitive integrity and consumer welfare in the AI-driven market. The spotlight is on accountability, ensuring AI creators shoulder responsibility for their solutions’ implications. Additionally, advocating for consumer freedom in choice and flexibility, they aim to deter anti-competitive practices. However, who exactly should uphold the principle of transparency remains unclear.

OpenAI has introduced ChatGPT Enterprise, a groundbreaking iteration of its widely acclaimed AI chatbot, designed for businesses. AI

OpenAI has introduced ChatGPT Enterprise, a groundbreaking iteration of its widely acclaimed AI chatbot, designed to cater to the distinctive requirements of businesses. This enhanced version promises elevated levels of security, privacy, and an array of potent features tailored to enterprise needs.

Following its recent hefty $100 million investment in Anthropic, SK Telecom has shown interest in another AI company called Persona AI. AI

SK Telecom’s recent interest in burgeoning AI companies, especially in the AI Contact Center specialist, Persona AI, is undeniable. The partnership aims to revolutionize customer service through AI technology, reducing wait times and providing 24-hour service. However, challenges remain as AI tries to match the human knack for voice recognition and interpretation. SKT and Persona AI also plan to venture into voice recognition kiosks and voice-activated robots, capitalizing on a rapidly growing market.

A recently published study has revealed evidence of political bias in a widely used generative AI chatbots. AI

A recently conducted study on ChatGPT, a popular AI chatbot, unveiled a political bias in its responses. A group of researchers from UK and Brazil noted a discernible left-leaning orientation, shaping an unexpected narrative. This raises questions about AI’s impartiality in conveying content, and signals the need for stricter scrutiny and regulation. As AI increasingly guides our informational insights, maintaining neutrality in its delivery becomes crucial for preserving integrity, particularly in electoral processes.

Google is ramping up its generative AI capabilities to enhance its search tool's ability to decipher complex information. AI

Google is ramping up its generative AI capabilities to enhance its search tool’s ability to decipher complex information often encountered on the internet. In a recent blog post, the tech giant showcased three novel features either already accessible or soon to be introduced in its Search Generative Experience (SGE). Currently in the realm of a Google Labs experiment, SGE integrates AI into the traditional search engine by providing summaries, sources, and follow-up questions related to the search topic.

Second quarter saw significant growth for cloud infrastructure services. Analysts attribute this to customers' current spending habits. AI

The Q2 global market growth for cloud infrastructure services showed a flourishing trend, although at a slightly reduced rate from Q1. The noteworthy strides are largely linked to evolving spending habits, with AI expected to power considerable growth soon. Amazon and Microsoft demonstrate this shift, announcing AI-focused programs in response to the rising demand. Nevertheless, mastering AI implementation comes via strategic partnerships, open to those willing to forward AI applications.

Rakuten is embarking on a remarkable journey in the field of generative AI by forming an exhaustive partnership with OpenAI. AI

Rakuten’s new alliance with OpenAI aims to dissect opportunities in generative AI to enhance various business sectors they serve globally. This partnership promises to expand existing AI experiences in ChatGPT products and foster premium AI conversational possibilities. Yet, some recent whispers suggest a performance drop in GPT-3.5, leading to theories about its overall commercial intent. Will generative AI become a privilege of the financially potent? This question merits careful consideration.