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TalkTalk, a renowned Broadband ISP, recently unveiled plants to separate the organization into three distinct entities. Telco Buzz

TalkTalk, a renowned Broadband ISP, recently unveiled plans for a radical transformation. The organization aims to split into three distinct operations: business, consumer, and wholesale. As this change signals a departure for current CEO, Tristia Harrison, successors are already being primed. This strategic move aims to enhance customer service, streamline operations, and diversify investment routes, despite looming debts and past acquisition attempts. The complete ramifications of this crucial split unfold at Connected North 2024.

A newly published study unveils a glaring disparity in the worldwide cost of mobile data. The US falls behind at 219th globally. Telco Buzz

A newly published study unveils a glaring disparity in the worldwide cost of mobile data. The US falls surprisingly behind at 219th globally, while other countries enjoy much lower prices. Yet on a brighter note, a trend of declining data costs emerges globally. Distinct transformations have occurred in countries such as the UK and India, with data rates significantly dropping over the years, serving as a promising glimpse into a future where consumers could get more worth for their money while enjoying mobile data services.

Spectrum Enterprise, a part of Charter Communications, Inc., has announced a multi-year agreement with MiCTA. Telco Buzz

Spectrum Enterprise, a part of Charter Communications, Inc., today announced a multi-year agreement with MiCTA (formerly known as Michigan Collegiate Telecommunications Association), a national group purchaser of technology solutions for its nonprofit members, including government, education, libraries, charitable and religious organizations. The arrangement makes it easier for members to modernize their networks and enhance the digital experience for consumers and employees.

In an enhancement of their existing collaboration, Ericsson and Google have unveiled plans to broaden their partnership with Google Cloud. Telco Buzz

Unveiling a new dimension to their collaboration, Ericsson and Google aim to enhance Cloud RAN solutions leveraging Google’s Distributed Cloud. This endeavor, targeting seamless automation, orchestration, and incorporation of AI and machine learning, promises wide-ranging benefits for communications service providers. Observations from the Ericsson Open Lab revealed the power of the Google Distributed Cloud in extending network functionalities, opening exciting new possibilities in the telecoms landscape.

Nokia continues solidifying its commitment to AI and ML advancements with the recent opening of its latest facility. Telco Buzz

Nokia intensifies focus on AI and machine learning enhancements with the advent of their new Open Innovation Lab in Dubai. This facility is set to target telecommunications operations in Middle East and Africa, potentially bolstering business for Dell and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The lab’s agenda encompasses three key areas: cloud RAN collaboration, promotion of private wireless and industrial networks, and acceleration of AI-driven network automation. The lab’s existence could pave the way for increased productivity, overall network efficiency and novel revenue opportunities in the region.

At the esteemed HUAWEI CONNECT 2023 event, Huawei unveiled the trailblazing Xinghe Network large model - marking an industry first. Telco Buzz

Huawei recently unveiled the groundbreaking Xinghe Network large model at the prestigious HUAWEI CONNECT 2023 event. An industry first, it paves the way for advanced network digitalization and enhanced industry intelligence. Harnessing the power of large-scale data and expert knowledge, this model heralds a new era in telecommunications, introducing exceptional features like multi-dimensional awareness, predictive capabilities, and optimized decision-making assistance. Its comprehensive advantages notably include proactive anomaly detection, enhanced application experience and proactive network security strategies.

A network operator, Vodafone, along with Salience Labs and iPronics, is progressing the field of open RAN with silicon photonic chips. Telco Buzz

Vodafone’s collaboration with Salience Labs and iPronics aims to advance open radio access networks (open RAN) by harnessing the potential of silicon photonic chips. This light-based technology could promise enhanced network programmability and ultra-low latency powered by their increased speed and reduced energy consumption — elevating critical 5G capabilities. With silicon photonics making waves in data centers, the industry, poised for rapid growth, radiates intrigue on the horizon. Yet, it also questions current cost dynamics, especially around open RAN technology.

Vodafone Idea refuted a news piece suggesting a potential acquisition by a US telecommunications giant such as Verizon, Amazon, or Starlink. Telco Buzz

Vodafone Idea recently dismissed rumors of a possible acquisition by a U.S. telecoms giant, causing industry analysts to prod for the hidden undertones. Some speculate that Vodafone’s denial opens the door for unnamed contenders, as the company strives toward recovery. This intrigue has elevated share prices, indicating a potential deal. Yet, the evidence behind these speculations remains elusive. Stay with us for more revelations.