News Roundup


Skim through the roundup of weekly news in telecoms.

Telecom News | Week #39: Nvidia GPUs for 5G Telecom; FCC breaks deadlock; Telefonica Germany partners with Skylo; Nokia's rugged 5G devices. News Roundup

Nvidia aims to convince telecoms to use its GPUs in 5G networks, citing NTT Docomo’s recent GPU-accelerated 5G launch in Japan. Yet, the role of Nvidia’s GPUs in telecom remains unclear. Meanwhile, the FCC breaks a two-year deadlock, reigniting net neutrality debates. Telefonica Germany partners with Skylo for global IoT connectivity, expanding options for businesses and consumers. Nokia explores rugged 5G devices for harsh environments, catering to specialized industries with challenging conditions.

Telecom news | Week #38: IONOS and Vodia, Singaporean SMBs face a surge in cyberattacks, Windows 11 update, Evolve IP news. News Roundup

IONOS and Vodia have teamed up to provide a seamless cloud communications solution. Singaporean SMBs face a surge in cyberattacks, urging them to implement basic cybersecurity measures. Microsoft is launching a significant Windows 11 update featuring AI-driven Windows Copilot and enhanced features. Evolve IP focuses on making the future of work better through cutting-edge cloud collaboration technologies and emphasizes sustainability with fully carbon-neutral EMEA offices.

#Week37 News Roundup

Metazoa pioneers AI in Salesforce with their Intelligent Assistant, enhancing administrative capabilities. HP wows with its Spectre Fold, a versatile $5,000 three-in-one device. Japan’s blockchain AI market skyrockets, set to grow by 24.2% CAGR thanks to government support, business adoption, and venture capital investments. Lastly, Emoji 15.1 introduces fresh icons, including headshakes, a phoenix, and more.

Telecom News | Week #36: Google Chrome design update, Apple smart glasses, Verizon NaSS for enterprises, Google unveils its Pixel 8 series. News Roundup

Google Chrome’s desktop version is set for a Material You design update. Apple hints at traditional smart glasses development through a recent patent, complementing their Vision Pro headset. Verizon introduces a versatile Mobile Onsite Network-as-a-Service for enterprises, offering private networks, edge compute, SD-Wan, and satellite connectivity. Meanwhile, Google unveils its Pixel 8 series and teases the Pixel Watch 2 ahead of an October 4th launch event.

Week #35 News Roundup

EdgeCore Digital Infrastructure has partnered with Zayo to enhance connectivity at its Santa Clara data center. Meanwhile, a US-led operation dismantled the Qakbot malware network, preventing further infections and seizing $8.6 million in cryptocurrency. Global roaming fraud is projected to cost $8 billion by 2028. KDDI and SpaceX plan to launch satellite-to-cellular services in Japan by 2024, bridging connectivity gaps in remote areas beyond 5G and 4G coverage.

Telecom News | Week #34: Broadvoice and Bridgepointe, OpenAI GPT-3.5 Turbo, Verizon 5G, Versa tops Gartner's SASE report. News Roundup

Broadvoice collaborates with tech advisory firm, Bridgepointe Technologies Inc., enabling the latter to offer Broadvoice’s cloud communication services to mid-market clients. OpenAI’s latest release, GPT-3.5 Turbo, can now be fine-tuned by businesses, customizing it for specific tasks. Verizon, Ericsson, and MediaTek’s successful data sessions on Verizon’s 5G network pave the way for cost-effective 5G devices. Versa Networks achieves top scores in Gartner’s SASE report, streamlining security and networking solutions.