EchoStar recently entering a merger with Dish, has broadened its European IoT strategy by incorporating a terrestrial element. IoT

EchoStar, in a strategic partnership with The Things Industries, enriches its European IoT strategy by introducing a terrestrial element. With The Things Industries’ unique server technology, EchoStar aims to facilitate uninterrupted, real-time communication for IoT devices via terrestrial or satellite channels. While no specific application cases were disclosed, a limited-time trial service provides customers with a glimpse into their orchestrated offerings.

Scientists demonstrated success in using the 3D graphene foam material Gii™ to transform human energy into electrical power. IoT

A groundbreaking discovery at the University of the West of Scotland reveals a transformative way to convert human energy into electricity, powered by a 3D graphene foam material. Primed to revitalize the IoT industry, this research spotlights a pressure-sensitive mat that could generate power simply through human footfalls. Offering a unique solution to energy management, this technology could minimize the environmental impact, while fostering a new era of wireless connectivity.