Safeguarding Connected Cars: Mobileum and NTT Combat IoT Fraud

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A technology platform from Mobileum Inc., an internationally renowned telecom analytics solutions provider, has been selected by NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) to deliver its connected car solutions in a global car OEM case. Combining features such as connectivity management, connectivity testing, and fraud prevention, the platform will offer an integrated solution for the connected car market.

The number of connected cars is predicted to skyrocket by 91%, with 367 million in use by 2027, up from 192 million in 2023 as per Juniper Research. Consequently, car manufacturers are enhancing customer experiences through connected car infotainment, safety, and utility services, presenting new digital revenue streams. To ensure the security and quality of these services, a solid and reliable platform for testing connectivity and safeguarding end-customers is needed. It’s for this very reason that NTT Com has entrusted the solution to Mobileum.

The surging number of connected vehicles presents potential risks and concerns over continuous connectivity. Incidents of fraud that could hamper businesses, consumers, and car manufacturers rise along with the increase in digital services and connected cars. The expanse of data generated by connected cars also potentially exposes consumer privacy, security, and personal data to fraudsters, notably, in the form of ransomware threats on commercial corporate fleets.

NTT Com addresses these challenges with Mobileum’s combined solution – a Connectivity Management Platform and IoT Fraud Management solution. This shields against potential risks, ensuring a secure IoT connectivity experience across its advanced vehicles and mobility customers.

The IoT Fraud Management solution offered by Mobileum implements Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to learn continuously from data processed by the system. Meanwhile, Mobileum’s IoT Service Assurance solution enables OEMs to extend reliable services both domestically and internationally, responding to the rapid expansion of IoT devices across varied markets. Its solution inspects IoT services on both core and radio network infrastructures, conducting comprehensive testing such as platform connectivity, data transfer, data integrity, and application monitoring while confirming power-saving features for IoT devices.

Director of 5G & IoT Services at NTT Communications, Yuji Tamai, stated, “We chose Mobileum because they demonstrated an extensive understanding of our customers’ needs as well as our requirements and showed proven expertise along the connectivity management, testing, and fraud prevention.” Raja Hussain, Chief Revenue Officer at Mobileum, added, “Mobileum is excited to play a pivotal role in expanding their underlying connectivity management, testing, security, and fraud prevention capabilities”.

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