LogRhythm, the company helping security teams stop breaches by turning disconnected data and signals into trustworthy insights, has expanded its partnership with e-finance, a subsidiary of e-finance Investment Group to deliver secure digital transformation in Egypt. The strategic expansion of the partnership sees the integration of LogRhythm into e-finance’s cloud computing platform. e-finance’s customers across critical industries including fintech, government, and healthcare gain access to LogRhythm SIEM to uncover threats, mitigate attacks, and scale their business with confidence.

Andrew Hollister, LogRhythm’s Chief Information Security Officer, highlights the ongoing struggle in cybersecurity: despite years of talk, the problem remains unsolved. Looking ahead to 2024, he points out challenges like the rise of generative AI and the need for better cloud security. He emphasizes that focusing on basics like strong passwords and regular updates is crucial for staying safe online.

Exploring fresh avenues in cybersecurity alliances, Ukraine and Romania envision bolstering digital frontline with an impactful pact. The focus pivots around supercharging cybersecurity, enabling 5G technology, and rehabilitating Ukraine’s connectivity infrastructures in light of recent cyber breaches. Spearheading distinctive initiatives, the collaboration plans to fortify national networks, establish a cloud-based public e-service platform and popularize 5G technology across Ukraine.

In a swift response to Tuesday’s widespread cyber-attack, Kyivstar, the Ukrainian subsidiary of global digital operator VEON Ltd., has successfully restored mobile internet services nationwide, encompassing all communication standards, including 4G. International roaming services have also been reinstated within the past 24 hours, marking a significant recovery effort.

In a decisive move towards advancing its digital agenda, the European Union (EU) has earmarked a substantial €763 million for the Digital Europe Programme. The lion’s share of nearly €549 million will fortify ongoing projects and multi-country initiatives aligning with the Digital Decade targets. These targets, a roadmap for Member States, aim to accelerate digital transformation by 2030.

In an ambitious collaboration, Ericsson is partnering with Concordia University, the University of Manitoba, and the University of Waterloo to bolster cybersecurity for 5G networks, utilizing AI and automation solutions. Their objective: foreseeing and mitigating network breaches for both current 5G and upcoming 6G networks while navigating increasing network stress and complex security requirements.

In a push for universal cybersecurity standards, the EU faces backlash from global telecommunications titans like Ericsson and Nokia, who warn of supply chain disruptions akin to those experienced during COVID-19. Striking a balance between stringent security measures and smooth product availability is crucial, prompting these industry leaders to suggest increased self-assessment and more lenient implementation timeframes. However, the underpinning question remains – who should ensure industry compliance, the vendors or third parties? Amidst the surge in cybercrime, a secure, streamlined approach is paramount.

In a strategic move to bolster its presence in the cybersecurity market, iboss, a leading Zero Trust Edge cloud security provider, has revealed significant enhancements to its channel program. The company’s flagship product, the iboss Zero Trust Security Service Edge platform, will now be exclusively accessible through iboss’s extensive network of channel partners, which includes Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Value Added Resellers, and Global Technology Distributors.