The UK's CMA initiated the initial stage of its exploration into the amalgamation of mobile network providers, Three UK and Vodafone UK. M&A

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority is investigating the proposed merger of mobile network providers, Three UK and Vodafone UK. The focus is on whether this union could diminish competition in the industry. While a smaller field of players is a concern, there is optimism as the new entity plans a hefty joint investment in infrastructure upgrades.

The projected partnership between HPE and Juniper could prove a turning point for HPE’s strategic progression. M&A

The potential partnership between HPE and Juniper is a strategic move that might redefine HPE’s journey towards high-growth solutions, specifically accentuating its high-margin networking business. The collaboration is timely as the demand for secure, unified tech solutions spirals due to AI and hybrid cloud businesses’ exponential growth. Leveraging on the strength of each company’s portfolio, the alliance aims to revolutionize networking for hybrid cloud and AI, potentially setting a new industry standard and bolstering innovation for enhanced user experiences.

Indosat Ooredoo revealed plans to offload its data centres and edge sites to BDx Indonesia, a data centre enterprise, in a deal worth $170M. M&A

Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (IOH) discloses plans of selling its data centres to BDx Indonesia, brightening BDx’s footprints in the Indonesian market. This move plays to the advantage of BDx who already operates data centres in Asia, while strengthening IOH’s commitment to enhance Indonesia’s tech landscape. Secured by substantial banking funding, this development emphasizes the continuous growth in the telecom and IT sectors.

Aimed at bolstering Norway's space capabilities, Telenor Norway concluded the sale of its satellite business to Space Norway for $228 million. M&A

In a strategic move aimed at bolstering Norway’s space capabilities, Telenor Norway has successfully concluded the sale of its satellite business to Space Norway for a staggering NOK 2.36 billion ($228 million). The transaction, which received approval from the Norwegian Parliament just before Christmas, marks a significant shift in ownership of Telenor Satellite, a leading European provider of satellite TV broadcast and VSAT data communications services for maritime and land-based sectors.

Brookfield Asset Management, a Canadian company, plans to purchase the Indian operations of the American Tower Corporation for $2.5 billion. M&A

Brookfield Asset Management’s proposed $2.5 billion acquisition of American Tower Corporation’s Indian operations could redefine the country’s telecom landscape. This strategic move, merging around 75,000 of ATC’s sites with Brookfield’s digital infrastructure, would create the world’s second-largest independent tower company. However, government approval remains a necessary stepping stone.