In a significant development in the telecommunications sphere, Voneus will merge with Broadway Partners, Cadence Networks, and SWS Broadband. M&A

In a game-changing move, Voneus aligns with Broadway Partners, Cadence Networks, and SWS Broadband, facilitated by Macquarie Capital, IIF, and Tiger Infrastructure Partners, alongside a hefty £250 million investment. Known for boosting superfast broadband in underserved UK rural areas, Voneus’ ambitious scope partnered with Project Gigabit has proven an investment magnet. Phantom impacts of this colossal merger are yet to unfold, but Voneus sets its sights on servicing 350,000 premises across the UK in a dynamic shift in the telecommunications sector.

Talks are reportedly underway between Vodafone and investment group Zegona regarding the sale of Vodafone's Spanish arm. M&A

Vodafone’s Spanish operations have caught the eyes of Zegona, an investment group primarily focused on European TMT sector investment. While speculative reports suggest a valuation of over €5 billion for the entity, Zegona’s possible stake acquisition might be limited to 50%. Amid fluctuating price estimates, discussions are unfolding, revealing a potentially significant shift in the telecommunications landscape.

With Vodafone's pending merger with Three, concerns mount over potential access to sensitive UK government data by foreign entities. M&A

With Vodafone’s pending merger with Three, concerns mount over potential access to sensitive UK government data by foreign entities, chiefly China. Unite the union has issued a report detailing alleged connections between Three’s controlling CK Group and the Chinese government, raising concerns over integrity of communications within governmental public sector clients served by Vodafone including the NHS and Ministry of Defence. Is the potential for this large scale data breach being overlooked? T

KKR recently acquired a segment of Singtel's data centre business, marking a valuation of Singtel's Digital InfraCo at S$5.5 billion. M&A

KKR’s recent acquisition of a segment of Singtel’s data centre business, marking a staggering valuation of Singtel’s Digital InfraCo at S$5.5 billion, signals enduring private equity interest in telecommunications, regardless of economic turbulence. The move intends to boost Singtel’s regional expansion, piggybacking on the booming data centre industry and skyrocketing enterprise spending on cloud infrastructure services. This symbiotic partnership, leveraging Singtel’s expertise and KKR’s track record, promises to advance InfraCo’s growth in markets like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.

T-Mobile US has announced a deal valued at up to $3.3 billion, as they set their eyes on the 600 MHz spectrum owned by Comcast. M&A

In a bold move set to enhance its spectrum capabilities, T-Mobile US is poised to acquire Comcast’s 600 MHz frequencies, in a deal worth up to $3.3 billion. With 39 million subscribers potentially impacted, this decision reconfirms T-Mobile’s commitment to streamlining its 600 MHz range, especially in key US cities. It’s worth noting that despite the ambitious agreement, Comcast retains the rights to exclude any licenses before completion. The deal serves both parties well, promising to augment T-Mobile’s already substantial frequencies and refresh Comcast’s spectrum focus on high traffic areas.

In a bold move, Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo has initiated a public tender offer for Intage Holdings. M&A

NTT DoCoMo, a leading Japanese mobile operator, has initiated a bold move to deepen its collaboration with data gathering giant, Intage Holdings, through a lucrative public tender offer. Attempting to leverage sharper client insights, the ambitious endeavor seeks to enhance marketing abilities and enrich customer experience. Could this pave the way to innovative solutions for societal issues?

Uptime Solutions and Inbay have officially joined forces, marking a pivotal moment in their industry collaboration. M&A

Two prominent players in the outsourced IT services for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) sector, Uptime Solutions and Inbay, have officially joined forces, marking a pivotal moment in their industry collaboration. This merger solidifies their collective standing as the ultimate destination for comprehensive outsourced IT services tailored to the evolving needs of MSPs.

Vocus is participating in high-level negotiations over an AUD 6.3 billion acquisition bid comprising various key assets of TPG Telecom. M&A

Vocus, a well-known fibre operator in Australia, is in high-stakes discussions for a $4.2 billion bid on crucial assets of TPG Telecom, including Vision Network, its wholesale infrastructure arm. Although the deal is far from done, Vocus’ ambitious plans to strengthen its market presence make it a possible game-changer in Australia’s rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape. The telecom industry keenly observes how this potential acquisition will shape the competitive arena.

Five9 has unveiled its plans to acquire Aceyus, a prominent player in advanced data integration and analytics. CPaaS

Five9, the renowned provider of the Intelligent CX Platform, has unveiled its plans to acquire Aceyus, a prominent player in advanced data integration and analytics. The announcement comes as Five9 continues to bolster its capabilities and expand its market presence in the realm of customer experience solutions. Aceyus is recognized for its comprehensive suite of pre-built integrations, which enable the aggregation of data from various sources.

Airtel Africa recently made it public that its subsidiary Airtel Uganda is gearing up to be listed on the Ugandan Securities Exchange (USE). M&A

In a significant move, Airtel Africa has announced plans for its Uganda branch to list on the Ugandan Securities Exchange (USE). Some 20% of the company’s shares, amounting to roughly 8 billion, will be offered publicly. This strategy, aimed at boosting local ownership, coincides with a government directive and is expected to underscore the growth of capital markets. However, the final say lies with the Ugandan Capital Markets Authority…