While the UK took the lead in 5G deployment, recent metrics suggest the UK is trailing behind other countries in speed and coverage. 5G

While the UK initially took the lead in 5G deployment, recent metrics suggest a shift, with the UK now trailing behind other countries in 5G download speed and coverage. Despite these setbacks, the UK’s 5G journey is far from finished. This communication revolution isn’t just about winners or losers, but about creating a conducive environment for businesses to thrive, thus promoting economic growth and job creation.

China's 5G operators have experienced a significant surge in subscribers, with almost 17 million new users added in August. 5G

China’s immense 5G market pulses with new additions, logging nearly 17 million subscribers in August as migrations to advanced telecommunications networks grow. Still, this uptake signifies a dampening speed, attributed to the top trio: China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, seeing a fall in new users compared to prior months. Abstract figures of network utilization and the quality of reception, however, leave much to be unraveled. The niche player, China Broadnet, despite a recent debut, experiences stiff competition, highlighting the difficulty of penetration amidst dominant forces.

Digital Catapult has allied with Target3D to introduce a series of advanced media production (AMP) studios, powered by 5G technology. 5G

Digital Catapult, the UK’s prominent tech hub, teams up with virtual effects specialist, Target3D in unveiling cutting-edge media production studios, turbocharged by 5G. These prime facilities, set up in London and Gateshead, promise an unrivalled connectivity that enables large-scale, top-notch media production and broad access to elite content creation technology. Outfitted with a wide array of advanced tech tools, these studios bring a fresh dawn in media production, fuelling exciting new outputs. The 5G technology offers impressive benefits including enhanced performance and efficiency of visual effects and media production. This high-speed mobile connectivity ushers in real-time integration of virtual sets and effects with live action footage. Discover how 5G catalyze a revolution in content creation and production.

Juniper Research has highlighted the financial potential for telecom operators partnering with satellite companies to offer 5G. 5G

Telecom operators tapping into satellite partnerships could see a tremendous financial boost, as Juniper Research predicts a revenue uplift of US$17 billion from 2024 to 2030. With reliable geostationary orbit satellites from operators like SES and Intelsat, these partnerships promise dependable connectivity and advanced billing infrastructure to a broad customer base. Significant advancements are expected within the satellite-based 5G network landscape, transforming coverage, throughput, and resilience.

Proximus has harnessed the power of 5G and AI machine vision to create a solution for warehouse real-time inventory tracking. 5G

Discover how Belgium’s telecommunications giant Proximus has embraced 5G technology and AI-powered vision to resolve an age-old warehouse challenge – instantaneous inventory tracking. By using 5G-enabled drones, warehouse managers can have continuous oversight and control of stock levels. This advanced management system contrasts sharply with traditional methods of RFID tags and barcodes, that despite being effective, have notably limitations due to their laborious nature.

Qualcomm and Samsung recently achieved a dual uplink and quadruple downlink carrier aggregation for 5G FDD spectrum. 5G

Qualcomm and Samsung recently announced a pioneering success in telecommunications; achieving dual uplink and quadruple downlink carrier aggregation for 5G FDD spectrum. This innovation, tested using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X75 5G Modem-RF System with Samsung’s 5G radios, could provide operators increased flexibility. This trial demonstrates the potency of Advanced 5G modems in enhancing 5G connections, hinting exciting future developments in 5G. Commercial implementations of these findings are expected by late 2023.

Kcell is embarking on a seven-year mission to roll out 5G across the country with the expertise of Ericsson. 5G

Kcell, Kazakhstan’s leading operator, is set to revolutionize the nation’s telecommunications landscape by launching a colossal seven-year 5G rollout plan with Ericsson at the helm. The mission includes a considerable shift towards a united Radio Access Network strategy merging 5G with existing networks, which proves to offer optimize utilization and smoother transition to advanced technology. Furthermore, this project incorporates Fixed Wireless Access, providing internet solutions in challenging terrains.

Reliance Jio Infocomm is arming itself with a significant offshore loan around $2 billion to fuel its 5G ambitions. 5G

Reliance Jio Infocomm is arming itself with a significant offshore loan around $2 billion to fuel its 5G ambitions, with sources pointing towards Swedish telecom giant Ericsson as a potential gear supplier. A noteworthy credit safety net from Sweden’s EKN credit agency plays a crucial role in this strategic play, while banking behemoth BNP Paribas is slated to disburse a massive chunk of the offshore funding.