Market Watch

Mobilise is excited to kick off its Tier 5 MVNE services in Nigeria to answer the demand of the thriving telecom market. Market Watch

Mobilise, a telecommunications software powerhouse, is set to deepen its influence in Africa with Tier 5 MVNE services launch in Nigeria, Africa’s vast telecom market worth US$9.09 billion. Responding to the demand fuelled by over 30 MVNO licenses recently issued by Nigerian Universal Service Provision Fund (USPF), Mobilise positions itself at the forefront of this transformative stage.

VMO2 made public a loss of £3.3 billion in 2023, exacerbated by a goodwill impairment of £3.1 billion due to increased costs of capital. Market Watch

VMO2 faced a substantial loss of £3.3 billion in 2023, worsened by a £3.1 billion goodwill impairment rooted in increased capital costs. While their debt soured under challenging economic conditions, they still managed to attract 64,000 new broadband and 47,000 mobile customers. Nevertheless, revenues witnessed a slight tumble as consumer fixed income dipped and the B2B sector lagged.

To enhance the US' emergency services network, AT&T, in partnership with FirstNet, announced plans for an upgrade and expansion of FirstNet. Market Watch

In an ambitious move to enhance the United States’ emergency services network, AT&T, in partnership with the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet Authority), has announced plans for a significant upgrade and expansion of FirstNet. This initiative, which could see an investment exceeding $8 billion over the coming decade, aims to build upon the network’s already extensive coverage and capabilities.

Last May witnessed CK Hutchison restructuring the mobile assets of its Italian operator, Wind Tre, with an aim to sell a 60% stake to EQT. Market Watch

Delving into Wind Tre’s recent maneuverings with a proposed sale to EQT, marks another twist in the intricate telecommunications landscape. Initial strategies aimed to restructure the Italian operator’s fixed and mobile assets were fueled by intense competition. Yet, the hanging threads of existing network sharing agreements and a looming February deadline complications, streamed the planned transaction to an impasse.

Altice Group's 50.1% share in XpFibre is at the center of attention as multiple key players begin to express their interest. Market Watch

Altice Group strategically eyes shedding its 50.1% sharing in XpFibre, triggering a ripple of interest from major players like KKR & Co., Macquarie Group, and others. While KKR & Co, Macquarie Group, and CDPQ are all reported to be keen on acquiring the stake, no financial bids have surfaced to date. Meanwhile, Altice Group’s decision to divest isn’t surprising, given its $60 billion debt, and recent considerations to sell other assets.

In the UK, a transition is underway as the nation shifts from traditional analogue landline services to modern, IP-based digital systems. Market Watch

In the United Kingdom, a significant transition is underway as the nation shifts from traditional analogue landline services to modern, IP-based digital systems. This change, mirroring a global trend towards digital communication solutions, aims to enhance service quality for the majority of consumers. However, it has raised concerns for certain vulnerable groups who depend on the older technology and may face challenges, particularly during power outages, which could impact their ability to reach emergency services.