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Discover insights on RCS messaging's future with expert Virginie Debris. A must-read for mobile communication enthusiasts. People & Interviews

In the realm of mobile communication, Virginie Debris stands as a seasoned expert, navigating the evolution from ringtones to Rich Communication Services (RCS). With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, she recently captivated audiences at Mobile World Congress, delving into RCS’s transformative potential. In this exclusive interview, Virginie sheds light on her journey and shares invaluable insights into the future of messaging.

Unsolved cybersecurity challenges persist. Expert Andrew Hollister's insight on 2024 trends and the basics of online safety. People & Interviews

Andrew Hollister, LogRhythm’s Chief Information Security Officer, highlights the ongoing struggle in cybersecurity: despite years of talk, the problem remains unsolved. Looking ahead to 2024, he points out challenges like the rise of generative AI and the need for better cloud security. He emphasizes that focusing on basics like strong passwords and regular updates is crucial for staying safe online.

Discover Neterra's award-winning journey in telecom innovation. From Bulgaria's first internet connection to global excellence. People & Interviews

Neterra, a telecommunications trailblazer for nearly three decades, recently secured the prestigious ‘Best Central & Eastern European Carrier’ award at the Global Carrier Awards 2023. In an exclusive interview with Svetoslava Bancheva, the PR and Digital Communications Manager, Neterra’s evolution from providing Bulgaria’s first internet connection to becoming a global telecom solution provider unfolds. Svetoslava highlights pivotal milestones, including running submarine cables under the Danube River and the establishment of the Sofia Data Center.

Discover Sinch's CIO Cristina David's insights on navigating tech shifts in 2024—GenAI, diversity, green IT, and scalable growth. People & Interviews

In the dynamic landscape of tech and geopolitics, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) face crucial challenges. In 2024, CIOs can embrace Generative AI, integrating it ethically to enhance customer experiences. Holistic Diversity and sustainable practices, such as adopting green IT, become imperative. Aligning processes for scalable growth through composability and bridging vision with execution underscore the transformative role of CIOs in fostering innovation, diversity, and eco-friendly solutions.

Discover the latest in 5G patents with LexisNexis IPlytics' 2023 report. Tim Pohlmann highlights key trends, regional leaders, and more. People & Interviews

The race for 5G supremacy is intense, and LexisNexis IPlytics explores the landscape in their 2023 report. CEO Tim Pohlmann notes a significant surge in 5G patents, with the top 10 players owning 76% of declared patent families. The US leads in patent volume, followed by China and Europe. Huawei dominates the top 50 ranking. Pohlmann emphasizes the role of Chinese companies, particularly Huawei, in shaping the 5G sector, extending their influence to the automotive industry

Kate Gerwe's interview on Sinch's journey to mobile customer engagement leadership and acquisition of Sinch MessageMedia. People & Interviews

In the dynamic world of technology, Kate Gerwe, Chief Marketing Officer of Sinch SaaS Business Unit, possesses over 25 years of experience in marketing. In an exclusive interview, she discusses Sinch’s transformative acquisition of MessageMedia, propelling them into mobile customer engagement leadership. This synergy extends to culture, values, and over 85 integrations with CRM and e-commerce platforms. Sinch MessageMedia’s focus on small and medium-sized businesses includes a streamlined user interface and multi-channel engagement, all part of Sinch’s ambitious plan to shape the future of customer engagement.

To uncover the dark secrets behind AIT fraud, we sat down with Tim Ward, the Vice President of Number Information Services at XConnect. People & Interviews

To uncover the dark secrets behind this staggering figure and delve deep into the issue of AIT fraud, we sat down with Tim Ward, the Vice President of Number Information Services at XConnect. With over three decades of experience in the telecoms industry, Tim Ward brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the table. At XConnect, he has taken the helm of the Number Information Services division, leading initiatives in sales, marketing, and product management. Under his guidance, XConnect has launched innovative services that set new standards for access to network, service, and user information.

Read an interview with ​​Mike Mol, the Founder and CSO of Cloud Group NV and dive into the story behind Cloud Group. People & Interviews

Cloud Group NV has emerged as a key player, reshaping the way businesses communicate and collaborate. Founded in 2014 by three visionary partners, Cloud Group has quickly risen to prominence in the Belgian market. I had the opportunity to interview ​​Mike Mol, the Founder and Chief Sales Officer of Cloud Group NV and dive into the story behind Cloud Group, their unique value proposition, and their plans for the future.