IBM Expands WatsonX AI Platform with Acquisition of StreamSets and webMethods for Enhanced VOIP and Data Integration

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IBM has finalized its acquisition of StreamSets and webMethods from Software AG for approximately €2.13 billion ($2.3 billion). This acquisition, which was first announced late last year and has now gained regulatory approval, significantly enhances IBM’s WatsonX AI and data platform. The move adds crucial data ingestion capabilities and integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) functionalities to IBM’s portfolio. IBM aims to offer one of the most modern and comprehensive application and data integration platforms in the industry, especially focusing on the increasing number of apps, APIs, events, and data in hybrid cloud environments.

According to IBM, both StreamSets and webMethods are already serving over 1,500 companies worldwide. These tools will enhance next-generation AI applications that require data and connectivity on a global scale. IBM cited IDC data, which predicts the emergence of a billion new logical applications by 2028, driven by the growth of generative AI. IBM commented that application and data integration solutions are critical for application modernization and effective AI deployment across enterprises.

StreamSets enriches IBM’s WatsonX platform with cloud-based data ingestion capabilities, moving large amounts of data from various sources to centralized storage for use by other systems. This integration allows real-time data updates and offers features like offset handling and delivery guarantees, facilitating easier data ingestion and enrichment.

The webMethods platform enhances IBM’s ability to integrate disparate systems, applications, and data silos within business environments. It enables global organizations to meet local data sovereignty requirements while driving enterprise-wide innovation and centralized management. StreamSets will be integrated as a premium feature within WatsonX and made available across major hyperscalers, including Google Cloud Platform, Azure, and AWS.

Dinesh Nirmal, Senior Vice President of Products at IBM Software, stated, “This is an important acquisition for IBM as we help our clients turn complexities into competitive advantage. StreamSets and webMethods bring new capabilities to our clients to embrace data and AI, managing the growth and complexity of applications. We will empower integrators, developers, and line of business IT to build and manage integrations at an even greater scale.”

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