BT and Global have entered a 10-year collaboration to modernize UK’s traditional payphones and expand digital hubs in local communities, fostering enhanced connectivity and local advertising opportunities. A major highlight includes the transformation of BT’s iconic payphones, expected to develop into a progressive stride towards telecommunications future.

Telecom leaders discussed the challenge of monetizing 5G. Vodafone’s ‘The Great British Telecoms Switch’ campaign offers BT customers savings and compensations to switch providers. A Pew Research Center survey found U.S. teens have a complex relationship with smartphones. Verizon’s report shows a 129% rise in mobile network traffic over 5 years. Iliad aims to become the fifth-largest mobile operator in Europe by 2024.

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, BT’s Division X unveiled a significant advancement in their technology offerings, introducing a multi-million-pound investment in a narrowband Internet of Things (NB IoT) network. This move is poised to revolutionize the IoT landscape across various sectors, promising a new era of smart cities and advanced agriculture. Chris Keone, the Managing Director of Division X, shared insights into how this technology is setting the stage for futuristic urban environments and industry transformations.

BT launched NB-IoT network covering 97% of the UK to boost IoT use in sectors like utilities and construction. Elisa and Nokia showcased 5G Advanced’s L4S technology, demonstrating its potential to improve connectivity. Nokia’s Virtual Power Plant Controller Software enables mobile operators to lower energy costs, earn revenue, and reduce carbon emissions. LeapXpert and ASC collaborate to offer a compliance recording solution for Microsoft Teams, enabling regulated external communications.

Pioneering a new age in software engineering, BT’s Digital Unit collaborates with Amazon Web Services, integrating the GenAI tool, Amazon CodeWhisperer—an AI equivalent to autocorrect for coding, proficient in 15 unique languages. Beyond code suggestion, CodeWhisperer ensures code safety and reliability, filtering out potential vulnerabilities, leading to a 12% automation of routine coding tasks.

BT, Ericsson, and Qualcomm demonstrated successful 5G network slicing trials for diverse applications, proving its potential to improve service quality in the 5G SA era. Disney invests $1.5 billion in Epic Games to blend its iconic franchises with Fortnite. D&H Distributing launches the Go Big AI Program to help partners use AI technologies. IPFone acquires VoIP company Joon to expand its cloud communication services and enhance offerings through synergistic technologies.

Allison Kirkby has officially taken the reins at BT, unveiling her first set of financial results as the company’s new chief executive. The figures, reflecting the final quarter of 2023, show a modest increase in revenue to £5.3 billion, up from £5.2 billion, with adjusted EBITDA holding steady at £2 billion. This performance was bolstered by positive developments within Openreach and the Consumer division, though slightly hampered by the challenges faced by BT Business, including cost issues and a downturn in legacy product sales.

BT has voiced plans to simplify pricing, aligning with Ofcom’s push for clarity in broadband advertising and curbing mid-contract price fluctuations. The restructure is likely to see broadband prices rise by about £3 monthly, while mobile may see a £1.50 increase. BT’s current model adjusts customer fees annually by inflation plus 3.9%, a method unclear to most clients, inciting dissatisfaction and a rise in complaints. Ofcom seeks to ban mid-contract inflations under review until mid-February.

BT’s recent talks with SpaceX to leverage Starlink’s LEO satellite fleet for remote connectivity in the UK has sparked curiosity, especially given BT’s current partnership with OneWeb, Starlink’s competition. It’s speculated that Starlink’s innovative direct-to-device capabilities, which promise unblemished global coverage without a need for a terminal, could be the allure.