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Navigating Climate Challenge: BT, UKBCH Enable SMBs for Net-Zero Future

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BT is making waves in the fight against climate change by entering a crucial partnership with the UK Business Climate Hub (UKBCH) on Earth Day. The joint venture primarily focuses on helping small to medium businesses (SMBs) in the UK reduce CO2e emissions by half by the year 2030, thereby empowering them to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Studies show that if UK SMBs achieve these short-term targets, they could prevent a staggering 280 million tonnes of CO2e emissions from polluting our atmosphere. SMBs in the UK are critical contributors to this significant figure, as they comprise over 99% of all businesses nationwide. Astonishingly, they’re responsible for almost half of the country’s non-domestic emissions.

To address the climate change issue head-on, most SMBs (90%) are open to implementing greener practices. However, figuring out where and how to start proves taxing for them, particularly in sourcing the necessary tools to reduce their environmental impact. Addressing the clamor for practical and easy-to-implement strategies for SMBs, UKBCH, a remarkable synthesis of industry and government efforts, introduces the ‘Seven Steps to Sustainability.’

Joining in this momentous initiative as an Advisory Board member and industry partner is BT. The telecom giant will marry its experience in serving over a million small businesses with UKBCH’s free resources. This synergized approach will aid businesses in lessening their carbon footprint and cutting energy costs. Moreover, business owners are encouraged to make the SME Climate Commitment, which aims to achieve net-zero emissions before 2050 and demands an annual update on the progress of their sustainability targets.

Chris Sims, Managing Director, Small and Medium Business at BT, believes that BT’s sizable influence and sustainability track record of over three decades can help smaller entities make significant changes. He notes that “with the UK Business Climate Hub, we are beginning our journey to reach more businesses with free tools and practical support to help them set the foundations for a greener future, and ultimately, reach Net Zero.”

Bringing in more insight, Chris Taylor, Net Zero Programme Director at the Broadway Initiative – the management arm of the UK Business Climate Hub shares his excitement over the partnership. He details how their collaboration will lead to creating indispensable guides for SMBs across sectors with the goal of reducing emissions and saving on energy costs.

Their ‘Seven Steps to Sustainability’ provides a comprehensive guide for businesses on how to reduce their carbon footprint, engage staff in sustainability efforts, measure current emissions, find financial support, and even ways to make their supply chain greener. SMBs can get their hands on these– including a carbon footprint calculator, and free resources, advice to cut carbon, reduce energy use, and make for a net-zero future through the UKBCH’s website. This timely partnership serves as a beacon of hope in an era of climate uncertainty and shows how an industry titan and a government envoy can work hand in hand to make substantial inroads in battling an existential threat.

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