Switching to a cloud-based VoIP system has the potential to cut CO2 emissions from telephony equivalent to removing 22 million cars from the road. In an era prioritizing sustainability, traditional landlines contribute to significant carbon footprints and electronic waste. VoIP, utilizing the internet’s power, eliminates physical infrastructure, reduces electronic waste, and operates efficiently. Beyond resource conservation, VoIP’s energy efficiency, support for remote work, and future innovations, including AI optimization and renewable energy sources, position it as a sustainable solution. Join the movement for a cleaner world with every VoIP-powered conversation—a pledge to the planet.

DIDWW, a global telecom operator specializing in premium quality VoIP communications, two-way SIP trunking, and SMS services, has become a strategic voice partner with VitalPBX, a leading provider of unified communications PBX systems based on Asterisk. This collaboration enables VitalPBX users to seamlessly access DIDWW’s SIP trunking and SMS services, thereby enhancing their communication capabilities.

In the dynamic realm of modern business, meeting customer expectations is a challenge. Unified Communications (UC) addresses this by integrating diverse communication tools into a cohesive platform. This article explores UC’s benefits, such as omnichannel experiences, personalized interactions, real-time responsiveness, enhanced collaboration, employee mobility, seamless integration with applications, and leveraging data analytics for continuous improvement. UC transforms the customer journey, fostering satisfaction, loyalty, and long-term success in the competitive business landscape.

Serving as key hubs in business communication, call and contact centers consistently enhance customer experiences in our digital era. In line with the sector’s advancements, DIDWW, a global provider of premium quality VoIP communications, two-way SIP trunking and SMS services, has announced its participation in the Call & Contact Centre Expo in London. Recognized as Europe’s premier summit for the telecoms sector, the Expo is set to bring together over 3,500 industry professionals, offering valuable insights and networking opportunities.

VoIP continues its growth trajectory, serving both businesses and individuals for internet-based calls and messaging. Predictions for the next decade include 5G integration, AI-driven enhancements, IoT synergy, and mobile VoIP expansion. VoIP adoption will increase globally, cybersecurity investments will rise, and it will be integral to customer-centric strategies. Ultimately, VoIP may replace PSTN, undergo infrastructure improvements, and remain promising with 5G and AI advancements.

Intermedia Cloud Communications has expanded free international calling for North America-based Intermedia Unite® users to 33 countries. This enhancement offers substantial cost-savings for businesses, improved global connectivity, and enhanced productivity. Mark Sher, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing at Intermedia, emphasized their commitment to delivering efficient communication solutions.

CNAM, or Caller Name Delivery, goes beyond Caller ID by revealing the caller’s name associated with their phone number. It enhances call identification, trustworthiness, and streamlines communication. Users can quickly recognize callers and identify potential spam calls, making it invaluable in various communication platforms. Check with your service provider to embrace CNAM’s power.

BT pushes forward with their ambitious plan to replace ageing Public Switched Telephone Network with IP-powered Digital Voice service, predicting a full national transition by 2025. This phased rollout highlights an industry-wide shift toward modern, energy-efficient, and highly reliable communication solutions. However, with earlier power outages prompting questions around adequate support during emergencies, the telecoms giant is treading carefully. As we brace for a digital era, join us at Connected North 2024 to delve deeper into what this change signifies for UK consumers.