VoIP Fundamentals

How can VoIP improve customer support?

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Did you know that according to Hubspot, about 68% of customers are willing to pay more for products and services if the brand provides great customer support?

You hear that right. And 68% is a big number to consider. That’s why businesses should think attentively about customer support and how to improve it, as consumers are the backbone of any company. Getting new customers and keeping old ones is integral to your business thriving in any market.

But what does customer support entail?

When a customer has an issue, they typically turn to the brand for support. This is where exceptional customer support plays a crucial role. It is important to provide the best support you can to ensure customer satisfaction. What benefits does great customer service provide to your businesses?

  • Returning Customers – Your clientele wants to feel valued and respected, rather than being treated as an inconvenience or nuisance. When you prioritize excellent service, customers will be more willing to continue purchasing your products and services. 
  • Customer Loyalty – Fostering customer loyalty not only enhances your brand’s reputation but also cultivates a client base that consistently chooses your brand over others. This lessens the competition between yours and other brands, as customers will trust you. 
  • Sales Growth – Loyal customers tend to spend more than new ones. By focusing on retention, you can drive increased sales and revenue. When customers feel cared for, they’re more inclined to return.
  • Referrals – Word-of-mouth is the main factor behind 20-50% of all purchasing decisions, and is 2-10 times more effective than paid ads. And referrals are the best kind of advertising. You don’t have to pay, and people will be more willing to buy based on recommendations from family and friends.
  • Brand Image – Exceptional customer support allows you to highlight your company’s values. Not only do you promote the brand image, but you reflect it through your attentive services.
  • Positive Reviews – All businesses want to have great reviews. Negative reviews can deter potential new consumers. On the other hand, receiving positive feedback enhances your credibility and attracts new customers.

Having outlined the benefits of customer support, let’s now delve into the realm of VoIP.

What is Voice over Internet Protocol?

Since you need to engage with customers, it’s essential to have accessible phone numbers for them to reach you. And you want to ensure the best quality of calls you can provide. This is where VoIP comes into play. By leveraging this technology, you can enhance the quality of your interactions.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology works via the internet by converting voice into digital signals. VoIP services are inexpensive as they do not require any special infrastructure, just a good internet connection.

But what benefits does VoIP bring to customer support?

Benefits of implementing VoIP

  • No Calls Go Unanswered – If a person can’t reach support, there is a chance that you will lose a customer. VoIP can help you by efficiently forwarding incoming calls to different agencents. Alternatively, the VoIP phone system can also attempt to reach multiple numbers, connecting to an available employee wherever they may be. 
  • Reducing Wait Times – A report from Invoca says that 28% of people hang up after 5 minutes of waiting. With VoIP, you can make the wait time more tolerable or even increase the duration by playing music or audio messages while customers are on hold.
  • Better Call Quality – VoIP is cheaper to install than traditional phone lines. Operating through the internet, its setup is straightforward, eliminating the need for costly infrastructure investments. VoIP also provides better call quality as it transmits data packets over the network. The only thing you need is a robust broadband service, and you are all set to go! 
  • CRM Integration – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides access to customer information, streamlining the assistance process and eliminating unnecessary hassles. With CRM, customers no longer need to repeat their past issues, as your employees can readily access the full history of their complaints and queries.
  • Improved Processes – VoIP offers management tools that simplify oversight. Managers can track metrics such as the number of answered and unanswered calls, instances of call abandonment, and call durations. These tools can help in analyzing important call data, find any issues, and fix them.
  • Call Recording – Accessing recorded calls is an effective method to enhance customer support. You can identify any weak spots in your services and take practical steps to improve customer interactions.


Exceptional customer support can be used to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while also spreading awareness and trust for your business. Implementing VoIP technology to communicate can benefit any business. From ensuring prompt response to calls to enhancing call quality and reducing wait times, VoIP empowers businesses to elevate their standards of customer service and remain responsive, agile and competitive.

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