Nokia has enhanced its WaveSuite optical network platform. Companies across various industries are increasing their investment in artificial intelligence. Ericsson launched EFTG to drive 5G advancements in U.S. federal agencies for national digital transformation. NVIDIA’s launch of the GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchip promises to revolutionize generative AI’s efficiency and performance.

In a groundbreaking development, Rakuten Mobile, in partnership with Nokia, has successfully conducted a trial demonstrating the capability of transmitting data at a rate of 1 terabit per second (Tbps) over a single wavelength. This trial spanned an impressive distance of 820 kilometers across both subsea and terrestrial networks in Japan, setting a new benchmark in the Asia Pacific region for this level of data transmission.

Nokia unveiled specialized, private AI models for the telecom sector to improve network operations and customer service. A coalition of 10 governments agreed on principles for secure 6G networks. IBM and the GSMA have launched a global AI training initiative to bridge the AI knowledge gap among telecom operators. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X80 modem chip introduces 5G-Advanced support with up to 10 Gbps speeds and six-carrier aggregation.

Nokia and Telecom Argentina announced a collaboration agreement in which Nokia’s Network as Code with developer portal will enable new developer-created use cases for consumer, enterprise, and industrial customers in Latin America markets. The agreement will help foster the GSMA’s Open Gateway ecosystem for network operations in Latin America.

BT launched NB-IoT network covering 97% of the UK to boost IoT use in sectors like utilities and construction. Elisa and Nokia showcased 5G Advanced’s L4S technology, demonstrating its potential to improve connectivity. Nokia’s Virtual Power Plant Controller Software enables mobile operators to lower energy costs, earn revenue, and reduce carbon emissions. LeapXpert and ASC collaborate to offer a compliance recording solution for Microsoft Teams, enabling regulated external communications.

Stage X won South Korea’s fourth mobile operator spot with a $322 million bid for 5G spectrum. Yellow.ai and Infobip have partnered to enhance global customer support through AI-driven voice automation and conversational experiences.
Breezeline invests in a 525-mile fiber network to boost internet for 45,000 homes and businesses in New Hampshire. DARPA, in partnership with Nokia’s Bell Labs and others, aims to develop a sustainable Moon base with a robust telecom network to support future Mars expeditions.

Facing an economic upheaval, telecom leaders like Nokia, Ericsson, and AT&T post disappointing financial outcomes for 2023, attributed to factors like changing customer behavior and a challenging macro-economic environment. However, there are glimmers of hope, evidenced by Nokia’s significant free cash flow generation amidst a major slump in sales.

AST SpaceMobile secures a funding boost of $206.5 million from AT&T, Google, and Vodafone. Used smartphone market saw a robust 9.5% growth, while the new smartphone market faced a 3.2% decline. Nokia and Oppo have resolved their patent dispute with a multi-year cross-licensing agreement on 5G technology. ASC Americas partners with Wilmac Technologies to integrate ASC’s “Recording Insights” into Wilmac’s services. Mavenir has secured a contract to modernize messaging capabilities for Deutsche Telekom networks.