Recent global research reveals 61% of organizations still rely on manual and time-intensive methods for sharing security status updates. In response, LogRhythm, the company helping security teams stop breaches by turning disconnected data and signals into trustworthy insights, today announced its 8th consecutive quarterly release. The latest innovations to LogRhythm Axon facilitate seamless dashboard and search import/export to community repositories, bridging the communication gap.

In an era where voice calls still hold a significant place, a rising wave of voice fraud threatens to shatter this trust. With a shocking 16% of UK consumers falling victim to phone scams last year, global figures paint a worrisome picture. The fact that this issue is not fleeting, the average UK consumer receiving roughly four fraudulent calls per month in 2023, only heightens the concerns.

Telecom analytics titan Mobileum Inc. has been selected by NTT Communications Corporation for integrating its cutting-edge technology platform into the rapidly evolving global connected car market. Mobileum’s solution, composed of connectivity management, testing, and fraud prevention capabilities, aims to ensure continuous, secure connectivity, whilst addressing the associated rise in potential fraud threats.

In a significant security incident, US telecom giant Verizon suffered a serious data breach impacting over 63,000 workers. Despite occurring last September, the leak wasn’t detected until December. Delving into the possible causes reveals potential insider wrongdoing. With the exposed data consisting of extensive personal details, Verizon claims that it hasn’t been shared externally yet. As the company probes into the breach, it offers its affected staff credit monitoring and identity theft protection for two years.

UK’s government and Vodafone settle on ‘proportionate measures’ to assuage national security concerns over UAE-based e&’s increasing ownership stakes. This agreement follows the government’s expressed apprehension about e&’s potential influence on Vodafone’s policies due to its status as the largest shareholder. In response, a ‘national security committee’ will be created within Vodafone to monitor initiatives that could affect national security.

In the fast-evolving realm of cybersecurity, hackers are displaying remarkable agility in adapting their techniques to exploit technological advancements. The frequency and cost of cyber attacks employing social engineering tactics have witnessed a surge in 2023, and experts predict an even greater volume of such incidents in 2024. GlobalData, a prominent data and analytics company, forecasts a trend where cybercriminals will rapidly innovate and extend the use of methods like social engineering and deceptive practices designed to manipulate individuals into divulging sensitive information.

In a groundbreaking trial, SK Telecom (SKT) and Thales have successfully tested the encryption and decryption of identity data on a 5G network, aiming to safeguard user privacy from potential quantum threats. The experimentation utilized Thales’ cutting-edge 5G Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) SIM cards within a trial 5G standalone network environment provided by SKT.