The latest report from Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) reveals a stark reality: only a mere three percent of organizations worldwide possess the necessary level of readiness to combat modern cybersecurity risks effectively. Released today, the 2024 Cybersecurity Readiness Index underscores a notable decline from the previous year, where 15% of enterprises were classified as mature in their cybersecurity readiness.

At Enterprise Connect, Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) today unveiled new purpose-built, multifunctional devices that deliver modernized collaboration experiences to today’s hybrid workforce. The company announced the launch of the Cisco Board Pro G2, an AI-fueled and touch-enabled collaboration device and Cisco Desk Phone 9800 Series, designed to bring a modern and personalized productivity hub to any desk.

Cisco, the multinational technology conglomerate, has successfully finalized its purchase of Splunk, marking a significant stride towards offering unmatched visibility and insights across comprehensive digital landscapes. This acquisition is poised to redefine how organizations connect and safeguard their operations in an increasingly digital world.

In a significant move at the Mobile World Congress this year, Orange has taken a step further in its environmental initiatives by enhancing its partnership with Cisco. This collaboration is not new, as Orange Business has been distributing Cisco solutions for over two decades. However, the addition of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) brings a fresh focus on environmental transparency and the shared goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).

In a significant development, Cisco and DISH Wireless have unveiled the testing phase of a pioneering network slicing technology designed for hybrid cloud setups. This cutting-edge solution, which leverages Cisco’s advanced hardware and software, promises to revolutionize how network traffic is managed, segmented, and optimized across different applications and use cases.

In a groundbreaking development, Cisco has announced the successful transmission of data at speeds of 800Gbps across the Amitié transatlantic cable. Stretching 6,234 kilometers from Boston, Massachusetts, to Bordeaux, France, this achievement marks a significant advancement in the capacity of subsea network cables, driven by the burgeoning demands of cloud computing and AI technologies.

Cisco’s Webex, a leading unified communications and collaboration platform, has become the first of its kind to achieve adherence to the EU Cloud Code of Conduct (EU Cloud CoC) Level 3. This significant milestone was reached after undergoing an independent third-party assessment and audit, which verified the platform’s compliance with all code controls.

Cisco to Acquire Accedian, Enhancing Service Assurance Cisco has announced its plan to acquire Accedian, a Canadian network optimization specialist, in order to improve its service assurance offerings and enhance the Cisco Networking Cloud. Accedian, known for its SaaS-first service assurance platform, has extensive experience in complex networks and will bring valuable capabilities to Cisco. The CEO of Accedian emphasized the importance of performance visibility and its role in automation, telco cloud environments, and 5G services. Cisco’s General Manager praised Accedian’s expertise and collaboration, and the acquisition is expected to be finalized in the first quarter of Cisco’s FY 2024, with potential benefits for Cisco’s service assurance portfolio and networking solutions. Read the full article BT and British Army Partner for Wide-Scale Wi-Fi Deployment BT and the British Army have entered into a multi-million-pound agreement to deploy managed Wi-Fi services, called MOD Wi-Fi, across 162 sites in the UK. The…