BT and Global have entered a 10-year collaboration to modernize UK’s traditional payphones and expand digital hubs in local communities, fostering enhanced connectivity and local advertising opportunities. A major highlight includes the transformation of BT’s iconic payphones, expected to develop into a progressive stride towards telecommunications future.

SmartCIC, a global managed service provider has appointed Johnatan Santana as its Head of Carrier Wholesale and Reina Borjas as Senior Sales Manager. SmartCIC is making strategic investments in talent by building out its international wholesale connectivity team to support growing demand for end-to-end ‘through the line’ solutions and its approach to connectivity.

Deutsche Telekom and the satellite company Viasat have recently enhanced in-flight internet connectivity for flights to and from Cyprus by activating three new ground stations. These stations are part of an expansion that strengthens the European Aviation Network (EAN) in the Eastern Mediterranean, bringing the total to 300 ground network antenna sites across Europe.

Fastwyre Broadband, a legacy communications company, is investing $65 million into amplifying its fiber-optic infrastructure throughout Louisiana. The objective is to deliver unparalleled internet speeds, championing both residential and business connectivity requirements. CEO, Chris Eldredge, outlined the company’s profound commitment to fostering digital empowerment within local communities.

In a significant boost to rural connectivity, Virgin Media O2 has recently achieved a landmark in the Shared Rural Network (SRN) initiative by completing upgrades or constructing 100 sites under its management. This development is set to offer unprecedented mobile coverage quality to rural communities, benefiting not just its own customers but also those of Three and Vodafone, thanks to a collaborative effort to enhance infrastructure.

Local government digital leaders across England, Scotland, and Wales continue to prioritize gigabit broadband rollout, viewing it as essential for connectivity improvements, despite differing opinions on 5G and a lagging focus on environmental sustainability. This was highlighted in a recent survey conducted by FarrPoint, a UK-based connectivity consultancy, which released its findings from a December 2023 study involving councils from various regions.

In an effort to bridge the digital divide in south and east London, the ‘Sub-regional Digital Infrastructure Strategy’ has been proposed. Over 156,000 premises in these areas lack comprehensive digital coverage, creating what is known as a ‘not spot.’ The strategy seeks to rectify this through interactive tools, infrastructure rollouts, and increased commercial investment, in a bid to transform London’s digital landscape.