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Granite Telecommunications Launches Global Connectivity Solution

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Granite Telecommunications, a prominent $1.85 billion provider of communications and technology solutions for businesses and government entities, has unveiled its latest innovation: the Granite Multi-Carrier SIM. This advanced mobile technology promises seamless and reliable global connectivity.

The Granite Multi-Carrier SIM uses intelligent technology to connect to the strongest available signal worldwide, regardless of the carrier. By accessing a network of over 600 domestic and international carriers, this state-of-the-art SIM card guarantees continuous connectivity, simplifying global communication into a unified platform.

Rob Hale, President and CEO of Granite, highlighted the growing demand for global connectivity, particularly in the Internet of Things (IoT) market. “To meet this demand, we’ve introduced the Granite Multi-Carrier SIM, offering a flexible and cost-effective solution that integrates seamlessly with the Granite ecosystem,” Hale stated.

The Granite Multi-Carrier SIM is available in both physical and embedded formats, designed to support various industry needs such as global supply chain management and remote workforce operations. Supported by Granite’s user-friendly web-based portal, businesses can remotely monitor and manage all mobile services through a single interface, enhancing operational efficiency and performance.

Founded 22 years ago with the mission to simplify connectivity, Granite has consistently provided businesses with the convenience of a single bill, provider, and point of contact. The introduction of the Granite Multi-Carrier SIM further extends this commitment, offering a single SIM solution compatible with all carriers, backed by Granite’s award-winning Premier customer support.

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