SES has announced agreements with several regional satellite network operators to create the SES Open Orbits™ Inflight Connectivity (IFC) Network, promising seamless connectivity services to airlines globally. This innovative Ka-band platform will integrate SES’s geostationary earth orbit (GEO) and medium earth orbit (MEO) satellite networks with those of NEO Space Group (NSG) from Saudi Arabia, AeroSat Link (ASL) from China, and Hughes Communications India (HCI).

AT&T takes a significant leap forward in its plans to offer satellite direct-to-phone services following the finalization of commercial terms with low Earth orbit (LEO) operator AST SpaceMobile. The agreement sets the stage for AT&T to provide non-terrestrial network (NTN) coverage through SpaceMobile’s constellation until 2030. Although a firm launch date for SpaceMobile’s network is yet to be confirmed, AT&T anticipates the delivery of the first commercial satellites to Cape Canaveral this summer.

In a significant development, Hong Kong residents now have access to China Telecom’s satellite direct-to-phone service, marking a pivotal step in the operator’s expansion strategy. China Telecom has long provided satellite options to mobile customers through a range of devices, including dongles, dedicated satphones, and smartphones equipped with built-in satellite antennas from manufacturers like Huawei.

Indonesia is poised to welcome SpaceX’s Starlink LEO satellite broadband service within the next two weeks, announced Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, the coordinating minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment. According to government sources, Starlink has secured the necessary agreement and license from Indonesian authorities to commence satellite internet operations.

Intelsat, a leading satellite connectivity firm, has joined forces with farming equipment manufacturer CNH to introduce connected tractors and other agricultural machinery to Brazil, enabling precision farming in remote regions. The initiative involves installing ruggedized multi-orbit satellite terminals on CNH farm equipment across Brazil. These terminals will leverage Intelsat’s global network to establish connectivity, facilitating the real-time streaming of data between farm equipment and cloud services.