Telecommunications heavy hitter T-Mobile finds itself under scrutiny as fixed wireless service providers in Maine, New York, and Maryland report disruptions attributed to T-Mobile’s 5G operations. Bloosurf has appealed to the FCC, seeking a refrain on T-Mobile’s 5G functions where they intersect with its own services, stirring up a complex debate hinging on a 1977 FCC decision regarding interference.

The recent merger of Orange Spain and MasMovil, forming the telecoms behemoth ‘MasOrange,’ has set the Spanish telecommunications scene abuzz. This union, approved by the European Commission, woos Telefonica – a potential powerhouse partner, disrupts EU regulations on allocated spectrum, and incites the emergence of Digi as a significant player.

The lapse of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) authority to auction spectrum has reached a one-year milestone, casting a shadow over the United States’ telecommunications landscape and its position on the global stage. This standstill not only reflects the pervasive partisanship and dysfunction within the US government but also threatens the country’s innovative edge and economic competitiveness.