Verizon launches AI-driven apps to improve customer service by streamlining interactions. The European Commission designates Booking.com as a ‘gatekeeper’ and plans antitrust charges against Microsoft for bundling Teams with Office. Telstra establishes a regional network hub in Guam at GNC iX data center. GlobalData underscores US telcos’ struggle to stand out in the B2B channel.

Telecom leaders discussed the challenge of monetizing 5G. Vodafone’s ‘The Great British Telecoms Switch’ campaign offers BT customers savings and compensations to switch providers. A Pew Research Center survey found U.S. teens have a complex relationship with smartphones. Verizon’s report shows a 129% rise in mobile network traffic over 5 years. Iliad aims to become the fifth-largest mobile operator in Europe by 2024.

In a significant move towards enhancing developer access to advanced network capabilities, Ericsson’s Vonage has teamed up with telecommunications giant Verizon. This collaboration, formalized through a memorandum of understanding, aims to integrate Verizon’s network APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) into the Vonage platform. This integration is expected to foster deeper consumer engagement and loyalty by enabling enterprises to offer a more seamless and enriched customer experience across various stages of the customer journey.

In a significant security incident, US telecom giant Verizon suffered a serious data breach impacting over 63,000 workers. Despite occurring last September, the leak wasn’t detected until December. Delving into the possible causes reveals potential insider wrongdoing. With the exposed data consisting of extensive personal details, Verizon claims that it hasn’t been shared externally yet. As the company probes into the breach, it offers its affected staff credit monitoring and identity theft protection for two years.