AT&T takes a significant leap forward in its plans to offer satellite direct-to-phone services following the finalization of commercial terms with low Earth orbit (LEO) operator AST SpaceMobile. The agreement sets the stage for AT&T to provide non-terrestrial network (NTN) coverage through SpaceMobile’s constellation until 2030. Although a firm launch date for SpaceMobile’s network is yet to be confirmed, AT&T anticipates the delivery of the first commercial satellites to Cape Canaveral this summer.

AT&T has finalized the sale of its cybersecurity division, marking a pivotal moment in the company’s strategic realignment. The division has been transitioned into a new independent entity known as LevelBlue, backed by majority owner WillJam Ventures. This move sees LevelBlue emerge as a standalone managed cybersecurity services business with a global presence spanning 10 countries and boasting a workforce exceeding 1000 employees.

AT&T’s CEO John Stankey has shed light on the massive service disruption on February 22nd. Revealing an incorrect protocol during network expansion as the cause, Stankey unveiled a testament of resilience. Meanwhile, AT&T plans to apply account credits to the most affected consumers and small businesses. The incident, affecting an estimated 75% of customers, triggered a swift restoration of service, notably prioritizing first responders.

In an ambitious move to enhance the United States’ emergency services network, AT&T, in partnership with the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet Authority), has announced plans for a significant upgrade and expansion of FirstNet. This initiative, which could see an investment exceeding $8 billion over the coming decade, aims to build upon the network’s already extensive coverage and capabilities.

AST SpaceMobile secures a funding boost of $206.5 million from AT&T, Google, and Vodafone. Used smartphone market saw a robust 9.5% growth, while the new smartphone market faced a 3.2% decline. Nokia and Oppo have resolved their patent dispute with a multi-year cross-licensing agreement on 5G technology. ASC Americas partners with Wilmac Technologies to integrate ASC’s “Recording Insights” into Wilmac’s services. Mavenir has secured a contract to modernize messaging capabilities for Deutsche Telekom networks.

In a groundbreaking move, AT&T has selected Ericsson as the primary supplier for its Open RAN equipment, set to handle 70% of its wireless traffic by the close of 2026. The five-year agreement, valued at an impressive $14 billion, signals a significant shift in the North American telecommunications landscape. Under the deal, Ericsson will replace some of Nokia’s equipment in specific areas of AT&T’s network.