AT&T Expands 5G Fixed-Wireless Access for Business Connectivity

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In a strategic move aimed at bolstering its foothold in the competitive telecommunications arena, US telecom giant AT&T has unveiled its Internet Air service for business customers, marking a significant shift in its approach to 5G fixed-wireless access (FWA).

Positioned as a primary connectivity solution for areas lacking traditional fiber infrastructure, Internet Air for Business caters to the needs of enterprises, particularly those in remote locations. AT&T acknowledges the preference for fiber connectivity but recognizes the practical constraints that may necessitate alternative solutions.

The versatility of Internet Air extends beyond primary connectivity, offering businesses the option to use it as a backup or supplementary connection to distribute workload or mitigate network downtime. Its appeal lies in its simplicity and affordability, with customers requiring only a straightforward setup process at a monthly cost of $60, plus additional fees.

AT&T’s foray into FWA comes amidst a broader strategic realignment, with CEO John Stankey highlighting efforts to target the mid-sized business market. The move reflects a broader industry trend toward wireless infrastructure, driven by evolving business needs and technological advancements.

The announcement underscores AT&T’s commitment to providing diverse connectivity options, as emphasized by Mike Troiano, Senior Vice President of Product and Pricing at AT&T Business. By integrating Internet Air with its existing fiber offerings, AT&T aims to address the evolving connectivity requirements of businesses nationwide.

Despite the growing popularity of FWA in the US, as evidenced by a doubling of subscribers in 2023, AT&T faces stiff competition from rivals such as T-Mobile and Verizon. However, with 93,000 Internet Air customers and expanding coverage across 35 locations, AT&T is making significant strides in narrowing the gap.

As businesses increasingly prioritize flexibility and reliability in their connectivity solutions, AT&T’s expansion into FWA signals a proactive response to evolving market dynamics. With the promise of enhanced connectivity options, AT&T aims to solidify its position as a leading broadband connectivity provider in the competitive telecommunications landscape.

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