In a strategic move to accelerate artificial intelligence (AI) adoption across its vast network, Orange has teamed up with Google Cloud to deploy AI solutions closer to its operations and customers. The collaboration, announced at Google’s Cloud Next ’24 event in Las Vegas, aims to leverage Google Distributed Cloud (GDC), a fully managed hardware and software solution.

In an unexpected turn of events, Google’s Pixel smartphones are carving out a significant niche for themselves in Japan, a market traditionally dominated by local brands and, more recently, by Apple. Despite a general downturn in the Japanese mobile phone sector, Google has emerged as a notable exception, with its Pixel range securing a market share surpassing 10% by the end of the fourth quarter of 2023. This growth positions Google as the third-largest player in the market, right behind Sharp but ahead of several traditional and long-standing competitors.

AST SpaceMobile secures a funding boost of $206.5 million from AT&T, Google, and Vodafone. Used smartphone market saw a robust 9.5% growth, while the new smartphone market faced a 3.2% decline. Nokia and Oppo have resolved their patent dispute with a multi-year cross-licensing agreement on 5G technology. ASC Americas partners with Wilmac Technologies to integrate ASC’s “Recording Insights” into Wilmac’s services. Mavenir has secured a contract to modernize messaging capabilities for Deutsche Telekom networks.

ITU announced a 6G framework, advancing global standards with a focus on spectrum bands, capabilities, and use cases. Eutelsat OneWeb and Imperial College are teaming up to transform space weather monitoring. Google launched Gemini AI model with flexibility to process diverse data types. SoftBank acquires 51% of Cubic Telecom, forming a strategic partnership for software-defined connected vehicles.

IBM has introduced Watsonx Code Assistant, an AI-powered tool for enterprise software development. Riga Technical University partners with IS-Wireless to advance 5G Open RAN technology. Snom’s phones are certified for NetSapiens, streamlining deployment for telecom resellers. Google Maps enhances user experience with AI-powered features, offering Immersive View, improved navigation, and EV charging information, striving to outperform competitors.

Nokia’s 25G PON solutions are boosting Google Fiber’s bold venture into establishing a 20-Gbps service, though the full potential of such capacity remains untapped. However, Google Fiber, focusing on the future, views this as a crucial step towards achieving 100-Gbps services and beyond. Yet, does the necessity of such impressive speeds linger in doubt, or are these advancements setting a thrilling precedent in the field of telecommunications?

Google’s Pixel 8 promises a remarkable seven years of updates, outdoing Samsung. The Pixel 8 Pro boasts advanced computational photography and an FDA-approved body temperature sensor. Microsoft introduces a faster, sleeker Teams app with AI-powered Copilot. Truecaller strengthens fraud detection with Unoideo Technologies acquisition. Snom Americas collaborates with Zoom to enhance the reseller channel with the Snom M500 DECT phone system, offering wireless mobility and crystal-clear audio.