In a groundbreaking development, Rakuten Mobile, in partnership with Nokia, has successfully conducted a trial demonstrating the capability of transmitting data at a rate of 1 terabit per second (Tbps) over a single wavelength. This trial spanned an impressive distance of 820 kilometers across both subsea and terrestrial networks in Japan, setting a new benchmark in the Asia Pacific region for this level of data transmission.

CELLSMART, the cellular intelligence brand of SmartCIC Technologies, has launched an initiative to capture independent and enterprise-grade cellular intelligence across 30 National Football League (NFL) cities across the US. It will use artificial intelligence (AI) to optimise testing routes to achieve maximum data density to support predictive analytics while reducing its carbon footprint. Testing kicks off in Florida in April 2024 and will run throughout the year.

Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. has launched Virtuora® IA, an innovative suite of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered network applications. This breakthrough technology, designed to enhance the performance of mobile network operators (MNOs) with significantly streamlined operations, incorporates network-focused machine learning (ML) models and deep telecommunications expertise. By leveraging neural network modeling, Virtuora IA aims to offer MNOs a substantial edge in the competitive 5G arena and future markets.

In a groundbreaking move, Mavenir is joining forces with Terrestar Solutions, a satellite operator based in Canada, to pioneer a project that seamlessly blends satellite connectivity with Open RAN terrestrial networks. This collaboration, revealed just before the Mobile World Congress (MWC), aims to offer users across the globe uninterrupted connectivity by merging satellite and terrestrial network capabilities.

In an ambitious move to enhance the United States’ emergency services network, AT&T, in partnership with the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet Authority), has announced plans for a significant upgrade and expansion of FirstNet. This initiative, which could see an investment exceeding $8 billion over the coming decade, aims to build upon the network’s already extensive coverage and capabilities.

In the midst of Johannesburg, CMC Networks, a leading global Tier 1 service provider, is expanding their Global Network Operations Centre. Pairing this development with their move to new Sandton premises aims to boost network capacity, heighten operator productivity, and elevate customer encounters. Through increased AI integration and automation, encapsulating Juniper Mist AI across their network, the upgrade strives to optimize customer experiences.

In a groundbreaking development, Project Kuiper has revealed the successful testing of advanced optical communications payloads on its prototype satellites, KuiperSat-1 and KuiperSat-2. The optical inter-satellite link (OISL) capabilities, previously kept confidential, demonstrated the ability to maintain 100 Gbps links over a distance of nearly 621 miles during testing in October.

Networking the future with simple text or voice commands? That’s what Nokia’s Bell Labs envisions with their new AI-centric technology – Natural-Language Networking. This breakthrough could revolutionize how network resources are managed by learning user needs over time, resulting in a self-regulating and adaptive system. As a pivotal part of the ambitious UNEXT programme, this technology simplifies network management, aiming for a seamless yet independent functioning of all network elements. An interactive OS that learns and anticipates need – the future of telecoms is unfolding right now.