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T-Mobile Wins $2.67 Billion Defense Contract

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T-Mobile has secured a significant $2.67 billion defense contract, positioning itself as the primary wireless solutions provider for the U.S. Navy over the next decade. This contract, known as Spiral 4, succeeds the earlier Spiral 3 agreement, which expired in May. The new arrangement allows all U.S. Department of Defense agencies to access T-Mobile’s wireless services and equipment until 2034.

In an announcement on Thursday, T-Mobile highlighted its expanded government service offerings since joining the Spiral 3 contract in 2017. The company emphasized its advanced 5G network capabilities, tailored to meet the unique needs of government operations.

David Bezzant, T-Mobile’s Vice President of Government Sales, noted that the Spiral 4 contract underscores the strength of T-Mobile’s network and its commitment to innovative solutions. “With a cutting-edge product portfolio, a proven track record, and a clear vision for the future, we’re ready to take government innovation to the next level,” Bezzant stated. “It’s an honor to serve those who serve this nation.”

Previously, major carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T participated in the Spiral 3 contract, which facilitated orders for various wireless services. The new Spiral 4 contract is described as a comprehensive, multiple-award agreement covering voice, data, fixed wireless access, Internet of Things (IoT), and mobility management solutions.

Looking ahead, T-Mobile hinted at potential future collaborations with Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite network. In January, T-Mobile celebrated the launch of Starlink’s Direct to Cell technology, part of the Coverage Above and Beyond Initiative, which aims to extend connectivity to virtually all areas in the U.S. for T-Mobile customers.

This landmark contract not only strengthens T-Mobile’s position in the government sector but also showcases its commitment to enhancing communication capabilities for national defense operations.

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