Soracom’s commercial rollout of satellite NB-IoT, in partnership with Skylo Technologies, is revolutionizing IoT connectivity. Leveraging Skylo’s LEO satellite constellation, Soracom provides seamless integration of cellular and satellite IoT networks through its cloud platform. This advancement empowers businesses with reliable, global IoT services, enhancing connectivity even in remote areas.

A recent study conducted by Juniper Research, renowned experts in telecommunications markets, suggests that operators are poised to tap into revenue growth opportunities by targeting enterprise markets, particularly cellular IoT. Despite significant investments in 5G networks, operators have struggled to monetize consumer adoption of 5G, failing to command substantial price premiums over 4G services.

A cutting-edge initiative partnered with South Tyneside Council aims to transform a port into an innovation hub in the maritime sector utilizing 5G cameras and IoT sensors. This endeavor, backed by a £37 million grant from the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, is set to pilot electric port operations, advanced transportation systems, live streaming, and smart farming.

In a collaborative effort to bolster marine conservation initiatives, Orange Business, the business-to-business (B2B) segment of a prominent European telecommunications group, has joined forces with Tēnaka, an organization dedicated to safeguarding marine ecosystems. The partnership aims to enhance coral reef restoration within a Marine Protected Area of the Coral Triangle in Malaysia, focused on the protection and preservation of wildlife.

Unveiling a transformative pact in the maritime industry, Spain’s Sateliot and maritime container tracking leader T42 aim to revolutionize container tracking and monitoring with 5G-IoT technology. This exceptional venture will deploy thousands of 5G-IoT sensors linked to Sateliot’s LEO satellite constellation, promising unparalleled oversight over sea-borne goods.

Ericsson, Vodafone, and Qualcomm Technologies recently pioneered data transmission via RedCap on a European network for the first time, unlocking a more streamlined, efficient mode of connectivity for IoT and other devices. Tested on Vodafone Spain’s 5G platform, the Ericsson’s RedCap technology enhances connectivity potential while providing economic and efficient data transmission. Furthermore, the demonstration introduced a new technology, New Radio Light, for extending battery life of customer devices.

In a groundbreaking revelation, Telus, Canada’s foremost operator, announced the successful two-way communication between smartphones and IoT devices, using Echostar T1, a geostationary Earth orbit satellite. Partnering with TerreStar and Skylo, Telus accomplished this feat using a specially-designed connectivity platform, highlighting the potential for remarkable connectivity throughout Canada, even in remote areas. As this technology differs significantly from regular D2D communication, Telus’s breakthrough is set to redefine the future of connectivity in previously unreachable corners of the country.