Telenor, the Norwegian telecom giant, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Nvidia, marking a significant step towards integrating artificial intelligence (AI) within its operations and offerings in the Nordics. This ambitious initiative is set to transform Telenor’s business model, embedding AI into its network operations and creating AI-driven solutions for its customer base.

The telecommunications sphere is preparing for a significant event: Altnets’ inclusion in the revered EB100 digital guide. This recognition represents Altnets’ successful year, fueled by innovation, community contribution, and robust growth. Altnets’ appearance on this list is a testament to its commitment to high-quality service and client satisfaction.

Neterra, a telecommunications trailblazer for nearly three decades, recently secured the prestigious ‘Best Central & Eastern European Carrier’ award at the Global Carrier Awards 2023. In an exclusive interview with Svetoslava Bancheva, the PR and Digital Communications Manager, Neterra’s evolution from providing Bulgaria’s first internet connection to becoming a global telecom solution provider unfolds. Svetoslava highlights pivotal milestones, including running submarine cables under the Danube River and the establishment of the Sofia Data Center.

In a surprising turn of events, Vodafone has once again declined an enhanced merger proposal from Iliad for its Italian operations, despite the latter’s efforts to sweeten the deal. Iliad had revised its initial offer, made two years ago, in December, proposing a 50:50 joint venture that valued Vodafone Italia at €10.45 billion. This arrangement would have netted Vodafone €6.5 billion in cash and a €2 billion shareholder loan, with additional cash influx opportunities through a buyout option.

As the new year unfolds, Vodafone has released a compelling report, underscoring the urgent need for regulatory reforms to bolster Europe’s telecommunications sector. The report, titled “Why Telecoms Matters,” paints a stark picture of the challenges Europe currently faces, emphasizing the pivotal role of mobile technology and digital transformation in overcoming these obstacles.

Discover Altnets and ISPA’s newly launched report’s deep dive into UK’s full fibre broadband sector. Unearth historical setbacks and the transformative impact of procurement strategies in this detailed analysis. Insight-packed, it fosters understanding of the sector’s intricacies and highlights Altnets’ contribution to the gigabit broadband transition.

VMO2 is set to bolster its workforce with 200 new roles, an exciting prospect for those seeking to embark on careers in the dynamic telecommunications industry. While this initiative presents a pathway to cultivating vital skills and qualifications, the telecom giant’s stride in employment growth seems to have slowed following last year’s ambitious pledge.

Wildanet, a Cornwall-based fibre network builder, marks a milestone in corporate sustainability by becoming the UK’s first altnet to earn B-Corp Certification. This accolade spotlights the broader ramifications for the telecom industry as it grapples with its own global responsibility measures. While celebrating the achievement, it ignites the debate over whether the sector is doing enough to address burgeoning demands for a sustainable, equitable world.