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Telekom Malaysia Secures $265M Contract to Upgrade Malaysian Emergency Response System with Advanced VoIP Technology

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Telekom Malaysia has secured a significant agreement worth $265 million with the Malaysian government to implement a next-generation 999 emergency response system. The contract was signed with the Ministry of Communications and will see TM Technology Services (TM Tech), a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia, oversee the design, installation, operation, and management of the NG999 system.

The NG999 system, set to replace the current Malaysian Emergency Response System (MERS999) next year, is being developed as an integrated digital platform. This new system will enhance the sharing of resources and data between emergency responders and central agencies. The system will feature web-based digital maps, caller IDs, geolocation services, and mobile apps. Additionally, it will leverage big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve response times and the effectiveness of emergency services.

Amar Huzaimi Md Deris, TM Group CEO, emphasized that “TM’s comprehensive role will cover network and platform infrastructure, call management, and other support services.” He also highlighted the introduction of a new NG999 mobile app that will allow registered users to send text, photos, and videos to emergency responders, improving communication quality and speeding up service delivery.

Teo Nie Ching, Deputy Communications Minister, mentioned that the concession contract with TM Tech is for 12 years, with one year dedicated to developing and implementing the NG999 system. She added that the system would be deployed in over 800 locations across Malaysia, doubling the coverage area of the existing MERS999 system.

MERS999, also operated by Telekom Malaysia, has faced numerous operational challenges since its launch under a government concession in 2009. The current system has been criticized for slow response times and operational inefficiencies, leading to dissatisfaction among users and emergency responders. Additionally, MERS999 has been plagued by prank calls, though the number of such calls has been decreasing recently.

The new NG999 system aims to address these issues with advanced technological integrations and improved operational capabilities, potentially setting a new standard for emergency response systems in Malaysia. The partnership between Telekom Malaysia and the government highlights a commitment to leveraging technology for enhanced public safety and emergency services.

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