Dell Technologies and AMD introduced the Dell PowerEdge XE9680 Server with the AMD Instinct MI300X Accelerator and ROCm 6 software. Tailored for machine learning, deep learning, and generative AI, this server promises enhanced performance in data centers, particularly benefiting the 5G transition and network edge computing.

Singtel has announced a strategic partnership with Hitachi Digital to accelerate industrial AI solutions using Singtel’s Paragon platform. This collaboration focuses on integrating Hitachi’s AI applications with Singtel’s 5G, edge computing, and cloud services. The initiative aims to boost quality assurance, workplace safety, and pre-emptive maintenance, enhancing enterprise connectivity and productivity significantly.

STC Group recently deployed Nokia’s AI-powered self-organizing network (SON) during the Hajj season, enhancing VoIP performance amidst a 40% traffic surge. Utilizing MantaRay SON, the collaboration optimized network settings every 15 minutes, resulting in a 30% improvement in loaded cell utilization and a 10% increase in user throughput, showcasing the transformative potential of AI in VoIP optimization.

Motorola and Google Cloud have announced a new multi-year partnership to integrate generative AI technology into Motorola phones, starting with the latest series of razr smartphones. The flagship models, including the motorola razr+/motorola razr 50 ultra, will feature Moto ai technology, which leverages Google Cloud’s Vertex AI, Gemini, and Imagen models. This technology aims to enhance the user experience by offering task completion, relevant suggestions, reminders, information summarization, and more.

Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (Indosat or IOH) and Google Cloud have announced an expansion of their strategic alliance, focusing on transforming Indosat into an AI-driven technology company. This partnership aims to leverage Indosat’s extensive network and data with Google Cloud’s advanced AI tools to enhance services for over 100 million customers and offer AI solutions for businesses across Indonesia.