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Oculum Joins Cloud Communications Alliance

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Oculum, a leading provider of video conferencing and unified communications solutions, has announced its membership in the Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA). The CCA is a global coalition of top cloud service providers dedicated to advancing the cloud communications industry through education, influence, and networking.

As a new member of the CCA, Oculum aims to contribute to the growth, accessibility, and adoption of cloud communications. The company is eager to collaborate with other industry leaders and innovators to push the industry forward.

Joe Marion, President of the CCA, welcomed Oculum, stating, “We are proud to have Oculum join the CCA family. The CCA offers a platform for leadership, innovation, and creativity in the cloud communications community. The involvement of Dan and the Oculum team will greatly benefit our members and our mission.”

Dan Anderson, CEO of Oculum, expressed his enthusiasm about the membership. “Joining the CCA allows us to work closely with industry leaders to drive technological advancements and provide innovative solutions for Telecom Service Providers worldwide. We believe telecoms need partners offering wholesale, white-label solutions to stay competitive. The CCA is the ideal forum for such collaboration, and we look forward to being an active participant.”

Anderson also highlighted the significance of developing white-label solutions for telecoms. He noted, “The ability for Telecom Service Providers to offer on-net video conferencing instead of resale is a key market differentiator. Oculum’s OmniUC™ platform provides telecoms with a new revenue stream and greater control over their customer base, among other advantages.”

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