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Three UK Advances Network Sustainability with AI-Powered Solutions

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Three UK has achieved a significant milestone in network sustainability through its collaboration with Ericsson, employing advanced AI-powered hardware and software. Over the past 18 months, the partnership has focused on modernizing Three UK’s network, significantly enhancing energy efficiency with cutting-edge technologies.

In late 2023, Three UK became one of the first major British operators to implement Ericsson’s award-winning dual-band Radio 4490. This new radio model is 25% lighter and consumes less power than its predecessors, simplifying site access and accelerating upgrades. Alongside this, Three UK has introduced software features that reduce power usage during low traffic periods.

The innovative solutions leverage machine learning, passive cooling, and power-saving mechanisms, enabling the radio components to autonomously manage energy use across 4G and 5G networks. The system can deactivate inactive components and reactivate them within microseconds as needed.

The collaboration has already yielded a 70% improvement in energy efficiency at selected sites, simultaneously enhancing network performance, minimizing site footprints, and cutting CO2 emissions. Iain Milligan, Chief Network Officer at Three UK, highlighted the importance of this partnership in advancing their sustainability goals. He emphasized that the initiative not only improved energy efficiency but also expanded network capabilities for customers, setting a precedent for future projects.

Echoing this sentiment, Evangelia Tzifa, Chief Technology Officer for Ericsson UK and Ireland, praised the collaboration for redefining future networks to be both smarter and more energy-efficient. She expressed pride in building a modern digital infrastructure that offers superior performance for Three UK customers while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Through this collaboration, Three UK and Ericsson are setting new standards in the telecommunications industry, showcasing how technological innovation can drive substantial environmental benefits.

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