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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #8

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BT Launches Nationwide NB-IoT Network to Power UK Smart Cities and Industries

BT has rolled out a nationwide Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) network, covering 97% of the UK population, aimed at enabling the widespread use of IoT across various sectors. This multi-million-pound investment is set to transform utilities, construction, and public services by connecting devices for more efficient operations, such as smart city developments and agricultural enhancements. The network promises to automate processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency through devices like streetlights and water sensors. BT’s initiative is a significant step towards the future of smart cities and industries, offering businesses innovative connectivity solutions for a sustainable and efficient future.

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Elisa and Nokia Showcase 5G Advanced’s Potential with L4S Tech Demo

Finnish telecom Elisa, in collaboration with Nokia, demonstrated the capabilities of 5G Advanced with a focus on Low Latency, Low Loss, Scalable Throughput (L4S) technology. The demo, conducted at the Nokia Arena in Tampere, utilized two smartphones in a congested 5G environment to highlight L4S’s effectiveness in managing data congestion by adjusting data flow and routes. This advancement, part of the 5G-Advanced standard (Release 18), promises significant improvements in low latency applications like streaming, XR, and remote machine control. The test not only underscores Elisa’s commitment to pioneering 5G technologies but also signals the broad potential of 5G Advanced to enhance connectivity for various applications, positioning Elisa at the forefront of leveraging 5G’s evolving capabilities.

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Nokia Unveils Virtual Power Plant Controller to Monetize Backup Batteries and Cut Carbon Emissions

Nokia has introduced its Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Controller Software, designed to optimize the use of backup batteries at mobile base stations, allowing operators to reduce energy costs, generate revenue, and lower carbon emissions by supplying excess power to the grid. The software facilitates seamless participation in electricity spot and grid frequency balancing markets, utilizing machine learning for smart auction bidding. Nokia’s initiative, which includes energy-efficient technology enhancements like the ‘zero traffic, zero energy’ solution and a liquid-cooled baseband site solution, underscores its commitment to sustainability and innovation in energy management. This approach not only offers a new revenue stream for mobile operators by turning passive infrastructure into active energy management assets but also significantly contributes to environmental conservation efforts.

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LeapXpert and ASC Partner to Enhance Microsoft Teams with Compliance Recording for External Communications

LeapXpert and ASC have joined forces to introduce a compliance recording solution for external voice and text communications on Microsoft Teams, addressing the growing regulatory demands on communication channels. The partnership leverages LeapXpert’s platform, available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, enabling Teams users to compliantly interact via popular messaging apps and SMS. This integration ensures adherence to record-keeping requirements while enhancing customer experience and productivity. ASC’s Recording Insights, integrated into Teams and Microsoft Dynamics 365, offers a robust compliance management tool using AI to meet strict regulations. This collaboration aims to provide a unified, compliant external communication solution for Microsoft’s ecosystem.

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