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Unifying IoT Solutions: CELLSMART’s Innovative FWA Endeavor with TMR & Abundant IoT

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The cellular intelligence division of SmartCIC, CELLSMART, has joined hands with Telecom Management Resources (TMR), a bespoke solutions provider, and Abundant IoT, a technology company. Together, their objective is a connection of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions through Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). Assisting this endeavor is CELLSMART, providing each site with cellular intelligence, on-the-ground engineers, and comprehensive end-to-end FWA solutions to aid IoT rollouts.

Through this partnership, Abundant IoT can offer its customers swift accessibility to optimal cellular networks exclusive to given locations, with on-hand engineering adaptables to local radio frequency environments. CELLSMART’s in-house comparative analysis of local cellular service, coupled with its database of global cellular performance, empowers the deliverance of world-class solutions tailored for local deployment scenarios.

Toby Forman, CEO at CELLSMART, highlighted the value of their offering. He said, “Organisations are seeing that IoT can be rapidly deployed and scaled up with trusted connectivity. We’re excited to be working with Abundant IoT and enabling its customers to benefit from intelligence-driven FWA.”

With a disruptive approach towards connectivity, CELLSMART aims to benefit the entire Information and Communications Technology (ICT) ecosystem. As IoT and FWA adoption accelerates, Vince Bradley, CEO of Abundant IoT, seeks to take advantage of CELLSMART’s rapid deployment, adaptability, and visibility into regional RF environments. “It has the fastest installation times in the world and has reduced our timelines from months to just days,” he said.

As CELLSMART’s master agent, TMR is tasked with growing FWA solutions through leveraging its cellular intelligence. In 2023, CELLSMART took the initiative and mapped 5G in a comparative manner to how Google mapped local streets. This was to test the local wireless network performance across Europe and North America. Marc Metzger, CEO at TMR, anticipates a surge in demand for FWA in North America. He said, “Working with Abundant IoT gives us a great opportunity to demonstrate the power of intelligence-driven cellular solutions in the IoT space.”

TMR is set to announce several CELLSMART FWA partnerships in North America throughout 2024. It’s an exciting time for the telecom industry and the advanced solutions provided by SmartCIC, CELLSMART, Abundant IoT, and TMR are poised to redefine our understanding of connectivity and integration for the future.

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