Orange Business Boosts Coral Reef Restoration with Tech Upgrades

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In a collaborative effort to bolster marine conservation initiatives, Orange Business, the business-to-business (B2B) segment of a prominent European telecommunications group, has joined forces with Tēnaka, an organization dedicated to safeguarding marine ecosystems. The partnership aims to enhance coral reef restoration within a Marine Protected Area of the Coral Triangle in Malaysia, focused on the protection and preservation of wildlife.

Orange Business will implement advanced technological upgrades, introducing automated data set systems encompassing collection, visualization, and AI-based data analysis. The objective is to establish a ‘near real-time data-driven approach’ to conservation efforts, facilitating direct delivery of data and images to onshore scientists. Through a Yucca lab marine research station equipped with underwater monitoring devices and solar-powered floating buoys, Orange Business ensures continuous 24/7 data access.

The research station, connected to the local 4G mobile network via an Orange Business SIM card, transfers daily images to a Microsoft Azure tenant managed by Orange, incorporating proprietary data transfer security measures. Additionally, an AI algorithm developed by Orange automatically identifies and quantifies various species of fish, invertebrates, and megafauna in the coral reefs.

Kristof Symons, CEO International at Orange Business, expressed the company’s commitment to environmental challenges, emphasizing the positive impact of technology and digital services on coral ecosystem preservation. Tēnaka’s founder, Anne-Sophie Roux, highlighted the significance of leveraging technology to scale operations for a global impact in regenerating the ocean.

This initiative aligns with Orange Business’s broader strategy outlined in its ‘Lead the Future’ plan, which aims to bring the company back to market standards and achieve profitable growth. The telecommunications giant has been actively pursuing bespoke B2B telecom projects, recently acquiring Microsoft specialized consulting company Expertime to enhance its digital services offering. Orange envisions becoming the leading network and digital services integrator in Europe, leveraging its dual expertise in both the telco and IT spaces.

As Orange Business contributes its technological prowess to coral reef restoration, the collaboration sets a precedent for other European and UK operators seeking avenues for growth amid the evolving landscape of telecommunications and technology integration.

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