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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #23

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CX Professionals Emphasize Data Privacy Amid Rising Concerns Over Ethical AI Use

CX Network’s ‘Global State of CX 2024’ report reveals that 55% of CX professionals acknowledge the increasing importance of data privacy and security to customers. 43% of customers express concern about ethical AI use. Despite 29% seeing positive impacts from generative AI on customer loyalty, the demand for tighter security and transparency in AI implementation is rising. Automation tops CX investment priorities for 2024, with 42% focusing on it, but proving ROI remains a challenge. Experts stress the need for transparency, customer involvement, and collaboration to navigate ethical AI use and prioritize customer experience.

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Eaton Launches NetDirector® KVM over IP Switches for Remote IT Equipment Management

Eaton introduces its NetDirector KVM over IP switches, enabling remote management of up to 32 devices from anywhere, anytime. With robust security features, space-saving design, and compatibility with critical IT infrastructure, these switches offer convenient and secure control for data centers and distributed IT environments. Key features include comprehensive control for multi-server management, robust security compliance, easy setup, and compatibility with various devices. The switches are now available, providing operators with efficient and secure remote management solutions. Visit for more information on Eaton’s power management technologies.

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Neutral Internet Exchanges Dominate US Network Interconnection Landscape

A recent study by DE-CIX, a leading Internet Exchange (IX) operator, reveals that neutral IXs, operated by third parties, now make up 70% of the largest IXs in the US. Over the past decade, there has been a significant shift towards neutral IX models, offering greater flexibility and resilience for network operators. New York emerges as the top interconnection hub, boasting 40% more network connections than Seattle and Los Angeles. DE-CIX New York, celebrating its 10-year anniversary, leads as the largest neutral IX in the city, emphasizing the importance of a distributed and neutral interconnection model for fostering a vibrant digital ecosystem.

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Lanner Electronics Unveils ECA-6051: Next-Gen Edge AI Server for 5G Infrastructure

Lanner Electronics introduces the ECA-6051, a cutting-edge edge AI server powered by NVIDIA MGX architecture, designed for 5G infrastructure. Featuring the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip, it accelerates AI tasks in applications like video transcoding and factory inspection. Equipped with up to 3 PCIe slots, it supports multiple GPUs and DPUs for enhanced performance. With a compact design tailored for space-constrained 5G edge locations, the ECA-6051 aims to revolutionize telco edge deployments, offering scalability, efficiency, and reduced total cost of ownership.

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