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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #21

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GoTo Launches AI-Powered Scam Detection for Remote Support

GoTo, a leading IT management and communication company, introduces a new feature in GoTo Resolve, its remote support solution, to combat rising remote support scams. The AI-powered scam detection analyzes support sessions on mobile devices in real time, identifying potential fraud attempts and alerting users to protect sensitive information. With over $1.3 billion lost in remote support scams in the US in 2023, GoTo’s initiative aims to safeguard businesses and individuals from fraudulent activities. The feature, already successful in identifying thousands of scams, marks a significant step towards enhancing cybersecurity in remote support interactions.

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UK Network Expansion: More Funding, Less Uptake

Freedom Fibre secures £43 million for rural fibre rollout, while Openreach extends network to Hetton Hall. Despite massive investments, low uptake rates remain a challenge. Analysts advise alt-nets to focus on improving penetration and profitability. Wholesaling suggested but faces obstacles. Government’s Project Gigabit issues vouchers and funds, aiming to cover 784,600 premises. Freedom Fibre to connect 15,000+ premises in Cheshire. Merger with VX Fiber expands footprint. Yayzi joins as retail partner. Alt-nets struggle to compete with Openreach’s uptake rates. Uptake remains a key concern for network expansion efforts.

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Anritsu’s MasterClaw Service Assurance Solution Validated for Red Hat OpenShift

Anritsu’s MasterClaw Service Assurance solution is now a validated containerized application on Red Hat OpenShift, offering cloud-native infrastructure benefits. This collaboration enables smoother adoption for Service Assurance across various cloud environments. Angelo Baccarani, Anritsu’s Senior Product Manager, highlights the advantages of cloud-native concepts for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), while Mark Longwell, Red Hat’s Director of Telco and Edge Alliances, emphasizes the importance of ecosystem growth. The validation allows MasterClaw to run on any public cloud infrastructure supported by Red Hat OpenShift, advancing service assurance capabilities across different cloud environments.

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Aryaka Launches Madrid Point of Presence to Boost Global Network Reach

Aryaka®, a leader in Unified SASE as a Service, expands its network with a new PoP in Madrid, catering to the growing demand from businesses in Spain and Portugal. The move aims to enhance network reach, reduce latency, and ensure optimal application performance for global enterprises. In partnership with Cloud 365, Deutsche Telekom, and the U.S. Embassy, Aryaka hosts an event to educate industry professionals on its Unified SASE solutions. The launch signifies Aryaka’s commitment to supporting businesses in the digital age by providing innovative networking and security solutions tailored to their evolving needs.

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DRFortress Partners with Megaport to Launch High-Speed Cloud On-Ramp for Hawaii Businesses

DRFortress, Hawaii’s largest carrier-neutral data center, has teamed up with Megaport to introduce a new public cloud on-ramp solution. This collaboration offers Hawaii-based businesses secure, high-speed access to premier cloud providers through DRFortress’ Cloud Connect. With Megaport’s extensive global network, customers gain dedicated private access to over 280 cloud on-ramps and 850 on-net locations. This partnership not only ensures fast and secure connectivity to leading cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud but also reduces network connectivity costs. The move signifies a commitment to driving innovation and facilitating digital transformation across Hawaii.

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