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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #24

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WBA Report on Enhancing User Engagement in Public Wi-Fi Networks

The Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) released a report titled “Venue Requirements for User Engagement” to improve user interaction and optimize revenues in public Wi-Fi services. The report highlights best practices for leveraging OpenRoaming™ and Passpoint technology over traditional captive portals, enhancing security and user convenience. It emphasizes the importance of understanding user needs and regulatory compliance, while also providing strategies for cost reduction, increased revenue, and competitive advantage. Industry experts from GlobalReach Technology, Liquid Intelligent Technologies, and others contribute insights on achieving these goals through advanced Wi-Fi solutions.

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European Consumers Favor Telecom Content Hubs to Manage Subscriptions

European telecom operators could benefit from offering content hubs to manage multiple subscriptions, as revealed by a study of 5,000 consumers in the UK, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy. Conducted by Bango, the study shows 58% of Europeans would prefer a single app for all subscriptions, with Spanish consumers showing the highest interest. Despite cost concerns, 40% would add more services through an all-in-one platform, and 38% would pay extra if popular subscriptions were bundled. This model could boost customer loyalty and reduce churn, although the revenue impact remains uncertain amidst ongoing cost-of-living challenges.

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D&H Distributing Focuses on AI and Public Sector Expansion

D&H Distributing kicks off Fiscal Year 2025 with a remarkable 20% sales increase in key categories from FY 2024, including cloud solutions and networking. The distributor plans to enhance AI readiness through its Go Big AI program, aiming to educate 5,000 partners. Expansion in the public sector is prioritized, bolstered by a strategic alliance with OMNIA Partners. Industry accolades, including Partner of the Year awards from Intel and HPI, underscore D&H’s robust performance. With initiatives like the new Partnerfi Community in Canada and investments in training facilities, D&H continues to empower partners amidst evolving market dynamics.

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Amdocs and Google Cloud Team Up to Simplify eSIM Activation

Amdocs and Google Cloud have joined forces to simplify eSIM activation with their integrated solution, promising a streamlined experience for consumers. By combining Amdocs’ eSIM Cloud platform with Google Cloud’s Telecom Subscriber Insights, the collaboration aims to eliminate physical SIM cards, automate activation through remote provisioning, and enhance real-time monitoring. This partnership marks a significant advancement in eSIM technology, aimed at boosting customer satisfaction and accelerating global eSIM adoption. In related news, Carrefour and BICS have launched a travel eSIM for affordable global connectivity, highlighting the growing momentum of eSIMs in the market.

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HP Reveals Global Enthusiasm for AI in Driving Economic and Social Impact Goals

HP Inc. has unveiled findings from a new study conducted with Oxford Economics, highlighting widespread enthusiasm among global leaders for using technology, particularly AI, to achieve key impact goals. The study shows that three-quarters of leaders believe AI is crucial for expanding economic opportunity and advancing sustainability objectives. HP itself is committed to leveraging AI to accelerate digital equity, aiming to reach 150 million people by 2030. Through strategic partnerships and initiatives like the Digital Equity Accelerator, HP is actively working to bridge the digital divide and ensure equitable access to technology and skills worldwide.

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