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A quick roundup of the news in Telecoms | Week #22

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The IOEMA Project: Enhancing Northern European Digital Connectivity

A new high-capacity data backbone, spanning the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and Norway, promises increased capacity and redundancy in Northern Europe. This 1400 km repeatered submarine fiber optic project, announced at a conference in London, boasts critical infrastructure security and connects vital transatlantic crossings. IOEMA Fibre, in collaboration with infrastructure firms, is spearheading the project. With diverse routes and landing partners in each country, including Bulk Fibre Networks, Arelion, EWE TEL GmbH, Relined Fiber Network, Eurofiber, QTS, and Colt Technology Services, the project aims to meet the growing demand for backhaul capacity and enhance connectivity across Europe and beyond.

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XL Axiata and Ericsson Collaborate for Cloud Network Transformation in Indonesia

XL Axiata partners with Ericsson to integrate 4G and 5G services into a unified cloud-based core network, gaining efficiency and cost reduction. The deployment begins in East Java, Indonesia, targeting traffic growth management. Despite global telecom equipment revenue decline, Indonesia’s market thrives with increasing smartphone shipments. Mobile operators like Telkomsel and Indosat Ooredoo report significant profit hikes. XL Axiata’s parent company, Axiata Group, celebrates revenue and profit surges. XL’s potential merger with Smartfren promises further efficiencies. Indonesia’s mobile network landscape contrasts with global trends, showing promising growth prospects.

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AppDirect Launches AI Marketplace and Creation Studio

AppDirect, a leading B2B subscription commerce platform, introduces AppDirect AI, a secure marketplace and creation studio. Users can create AI apps in minutes using their data, without coding skills. The platform offers flexibility in choosing a large language model (LLM) provider. It aims to democratize AI, addressing barriers like data privacy concerns and skills gap. AppDirect partners with IVADO Labs to provide professional AI services. Unlike competitors, users can select LLMs like OpenAI, Anthropic, Cohere, and Meta. The platform empowers users to update AI seamlessly and control data augmentation. Available now, AppDirect AI aims to revolutionize AI adoption in businesses.

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Cynomi Expands vCISO Platform to Europe, Ensuring Data Compliance & Cybersecurity Solutions

Cynomi, a top vCISO platform provider, extends its services to European MSPs and MSSPs, keeping data within Europe. With $20M funding and a new European sales office, Cynomi collaborates with key players to address the cybersecurity skill gap. Their AI-powered platform offers tailored solutions, blending CISO expertise with automation, fortifying SME cyber defenses affordably. Cynomi guides clients in compliance with GDPR, DORA, NIS2, and other frameworks, ensuring dynamic, up-to-date support. As the only channel-exclusive vCISO provider, Cynomi empowers partners with improved retention, increased revenue, and streamlined operations across clients.

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