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Vodafone Idea refuted a news piece suggesting a potential acquisition by a US telecommunications giant such as Verizon, Amazon, or Starlink. Telco Buzz

Vodafone Idea recently dismissed rumors of a possible acquisition by a U.S. telecoms giant, causing industry analysts to prod for the hidden undertones. Some speculate that Vodafone’s denial opens the door for unnamed contenders, as the company strives toward recovery. This intrigue has elevated share prices, indicating a potential deal. Yet, the evidence behind these speculations remains elusive. Stay with us for more revelations.

Jetty offers solutions to Communication Service Providers expediting their market reach and facilitating efficient customer management. Telco Buzz

Disrupting the UK telecom marketplace, Jetty emerges as a transformative white-label platform, reshaping the customer experience pathway for fibre retailers. With a holistic approach integrating sales, order management, customer service and more, this platform allows Altnets and Communication Service Providers to focus on growth. Jetty’s unique selling point? Fully automated, compliant residential fibre customer journeys, the only SaaS in the UK offering this feature. Founded by visionaries Alex Hollingdale and Vinny Casey, Jetty foresees expansion across various product categories and geo-locations, promising limitless scalability in aiding telecom retailers’ success.

Calix, Inc. has made a game-changing announcement that its intelligent solution, Calix SmartBiz™, is now accessible in the United Kingdom. Telco Buzz

Calix, Inc. sets a new benchmark in the telecommunications landscape with its innovative solution, Calix SmartBiz™, now reaching the UK market. This transformative service specifically facilitates the 5.5 million SMEs across the UK, providing alternative service providers a fresh approach to offer customised, comprehensive solutions including managed Wi-Fi and enhanced network security services.

In a drive to lower energy consumption and meet 2031 climate goals, BT is the latest to pursue liquid cooling techniques. Telco Buzz

Exploring efficient energy solutions, BT is turning to liquid cooling techniques to lower network switch power usage. Collaborations with Iceotope and Juniper hint at precision cooling for servers—a potentially industry-first initiative. Meanwhile, strategies with Immersion4, Nexalus, and Airsys run the gamut from full immersion to cooling-unit encased cold plates. Crucially, every energy-reduction experiment aids BT’s ambitious journey toward net-zero emissions by 2031.

The Netherlands-founded company, Veon, has recently refined the management buyout terms of its sector in Russia, known as VimpelCom. Telco Buzz

Dutch telecom company Veon is adjusting the course of its Russian sector, VimpelCom’s, management buyout, initially agreed for $2.1 billion. The transaction now fully hinges on VimpelCom absorbing part of Veon’s debt – a method born from necessity as sanctions hamper Russian financial institutions. This strategic exit is further complicated by EU sanctions on Russia’s National Settlement Depository inhibiting interest collection on Veon’s Eurobonds.

ZTE demonstrates their virtual STB solution that bypasses traditional terminal downturns hampering TV service expansion. Telco Buzz

The surging interest in cloud-based applications represents a flourishing sector of the tech sphere, by providing an enhanced user experience and considerable savings on terminal investments. Telecommunication giant, ZTE, demonstrates this potential with their virtual STB (vSTB) solution in the television industry – a pioneering effort that bypasses traditional terminal downturns hampering TV service expansion. This solution effectively confronts challenges of limited service quality and hard adaptation processes linked with operator TV services, and eliminates sizable terminal outlays. Similarly, the cloud STB product presented by China Mobile and ZTE capitalises on China Mobile’s robust computing capacities and thus streamlines content broadcast to every terminal.

Netcracker has launched GenAI Telco Solution, which aims to optimise telecommunications operations by leveraging generative AI models. Telco Buzz

Netcracker’s GenAI Telco Solution, a revolutionary tool that leverages generative AI models to enhance telecom operations, promises to reshape customer experiences and streamline automation. The tool facilitates personalised interaction while anonymizing telecom data and is compatible with widely used GenAI models. Amidst privacy and security concerns, it offers a secure gateway to harness telecom data, promising to boost business value extraction and maximize productivity.

The Spanish government appears divided over the intended acquisition of a 9.9% stake in Telefonica by Saudi Telecom, STC. Telco Buzz

A notable investment from Saudi Telecom into Telefonica has the Spanish Government on the edge, forcing them to balance their national interest and fostering foreign investment. The complexity surrounding the acquisition decision transcends even Spain’s economic landscape, impacting political alliances and national security. With a swift resolution unlikely, this multifaceted negotiation promises to test Spain’s decision-making in an increasingly interconnected economic world.