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Sinch Launches Omnichannel Connector on Salesforce AppExchange

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Sinch, the global leader in cloud communications, has launched the Sinch Omnichannel Connector on Salesforce AppExchange. This move aims to enhance customer engagement and marketing strategies. The new tool integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, offering advanced one-way and two-way messaging capabilities.

Through the Sinch Omnichannel Connector, businesses can reach out to customers across various channels. With this integration, Salesforce Marketing Cloud users can expand their communication channels from traditional SMS, MMS, Email, WhatsApp, and LINE to new platforms like RCS, Kakao Talk, Viper, and Instagram.

Jonathan Campbell, Senior Director of Messaging Products at Sinch, remarked, “With the Sinch Omnichannel Connector, businesses can enhance their customer communications, personalize engagements, and maximize the return on their marketing investments.” He emphasized the advantages of leveraging a broader spectrum of messaging channels.

For Salesforce Marketing Cloud users, setting up the Sinch Omnichannel Connector is straightforward. Users need an existing Salesforce account and can onboard the Conversation API through the Sinch Dashboard. From there, the desired channels can be easily activated to tailor messaging strategies to the specific needs of their business.

This strategic move by Sinch is part of a longstanding partnership with Salesforce that began in 2014. Back then, Salesforce expanded its SMS offering into international markets, utilizing Sinch as its strategic supplier for global SMS delivery and enterprise-grade messaging solutions.

By incorporating the Sinch Omnichannel Connector, Salesforce customers can now enjoy a more robust and comprehensive communication solution. This tool is designed to help businesses optimize their marketing strategies, thereby elevating customer engagement to new heights.

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