Fastweb Launches Italy’s First AI Supercomputer Facility

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Fastweb has announced the opening of its NeXXt AI Factory, marking a significant leap in Italy’s tech capabilities. This facility houses the first DGX SuperPOD AI supercomputer in the country, providing a new depth to the nation’s AI resources.

The inauguration event featured prominent attendees, including Walter Renna, CEO of Fastweb, and representatives from Mondadori Media and Lombardia’s research and innovation sectors. According to Renna, the goal is clear: “With NeXXt AI Factory and MIIA, we are defining our approach to artificial intelligence to help enable Italy’s full independence and technological sovereignty.”

In December, Fastweb secured 31 NVIDIA DGX H100 systems, creating the most potent AI supercomputing cluster owned by a private company in Italy. Installed in Bergamo, this cluster is now operational and serves as the backbone of the NeXXt AI Factory.

The facility’s purpose is multifaceted. Fastweb aims to offer the computing power and software tools necessary for the development of AI and generative AI applications. Through its MIIA language model, powered by NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, it supports startups, businesses, universities, and public administrations. Fastweb’s partnerships, such as those with Istat and Mondadori Media, have helped create an extensive Italian-language dataset with 1,500 billion tokens.

Partnerships with Sapienza University of Rome and the University of Milan-Bicocca ensure high-quality, secure AI training. The data used adheres to stringent national and EU privacy and copyright standards. The MIIA model’s latest version is expected to launch by year-end.

Ethical development and transparency form the cornerstone of Fastweb’s AI initiatives. An advisory board, including experts like Gianluigi Greco and Mariarosa Taddeo, will oversee the model’s training. Their role is to certify the governance and regulatory compliance of Fastweb’s AI services.

Moreover, the NeXXt AI Factory is integrated into Fastweb’s infrastructure via its fibre network, enhancing security and reliability. It connects to Fastweb’s cloud platform, comprising four data centres and ten edge nodes throughout Italy.

Fastweb’s supercomputer supports critical sectors such as healthcare, finance, industry, and education. “Nations worldwide are recognizing the need for sovereign AI infrastructure to harness economic opportunities while preserving cultural identity,” emphasized Carlo Ruiz, VP at NVIDIA.

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