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To uncover the dark secrets behind this staggering figure and delve deep into the issue of AIT fraud, we sat down with Tim Ward, the Vice President of Number Information Services at XConnect. With over three decades of experience in the telecoms industry, Tim Ward brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the table. At XConnect, he has taken the helm of the Number Information Services division, leading initiatives in sales, marketing, and product management. Under his guidance, XConnect has launched innovative services that set new standards for access to network, service, and user information.

Two prominent players in the outsourced IT services for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) sector, Uptime Solutions and Inbay, have officially joined forces, marking a pivotal moment in their industry collaboration. This merger solidifies their collective standing as the ultimate destination for comprehensive outsourced IT services tailored to the evolving needs of MSPs.

In a world driven by connectivity and instant communication, businesses need reliable and efficient phone service to thrive. OFFICErING team understands that. With a mission to provide the most reliable phone service at the best prices, OFFICErING has revolutionized the way businesses connect and collaborate. By combining cutting-edge technology, a carrier-class IP network, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, OFFICErING offers a seamless and feature-rich phone system that guarantees uninterrupted communication.

The Italian government’s decision to acquire a stake in TIM’s NetCo operation could smooth the path for its sale. Undoubtedly, this move will give the government a stronger voice in future strategic decisions. Despite initial concerns regarding the re-nationalization of certain telecom assets, the involvement of the state-owned Cassa Depositi e Prestiti in the process and the pending approval from the EU suggest that there is a potential for a favorable outcome for TIM. Yet, potential hurdles include the disagreement over asset valuation with the French firm Vivendi.

Despite the seemingly lagging global investment in standalone 5G networks, promising trends in the telecom sector indicate an upcoming surge. With minimal progress indicated by Global Mobile Suppliers Association’s statistics, the industry pins hopes on major moves from operators like New Zealand’s Spark and Vodafone. Meanwhile, the increasing adoption of 5G SA in private networks for various sectors shows an encouraging forecast. The journey towards profitable 5G investments seems complex, yet strides are being made in the right direction.

Vodafone UK launches an industry-first initiative offering customers battery replacements for three years and continued coverage for manufacturing defects. This ‘lifetime service promise’ extends to both new and refurbished handsets, provided an active Vodafone Pay Monthly Airtime Plan is in place. Innovatively eliminating inconvenience, a battery diagnostic tool within the Vodafone app allows customers to easily confirm if their device requires a battery replacement.

TIM explores offers for its Enterprise business, valuing the unit at over €6 billion, while the board evaluates bids for network assets. With the company’s gross financial debt nearing €32 billion, maximizing value is crucial. KKR emerges as a frontrunner, as anticipation builds for exclusive discussions lasting until late August or early September.