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TIM’s leadership has expressed dissatisfaction with the Italian government’s initial purchase proposal for its Sparkle subsea cable division, prompting CEO Pietro Labriola to seek improved terms. The decision follows a recent bid by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which has been deemed inadequate by TIM’s board of directors. Amidst ongoing discussions about the board’s composition, the focus has swiftly shifted back to negotiations, underscoring the complex nature of the transaction involving Sparkle.

Singtel ramps up its maritime digital services by integrating the innovative satellite technology from Starlink. This breakthrough aims to inspire ship operators into adopting digital solutions such as AI, 5G, edge computing, and cloud-based technologies for improved operational efficiency and safety measures. Starlink, a first-of-its-kind low Earth orbit broadband service included in Singtel’s comprehensive iSHIP offerings, offers enhanced connectivity and reduced latency.

The race for 5G supremacy is intense, and LexisNexis IPlytics explores the landscape in their 2023 report. CEO Tim Pohlmann notes a significant surge in 5G patents, with the top 10 players owning 76% of declared patent families. The US leads in patent volume, followed by China and Europe. Huawei dominates the top 50 ranking. Pohlmann emphasizes the role of Chinese companies, particularly Huawei, in shaping the 5G sector, extending their influence to the automotive industry

Unveiling a transformative pact in the maritime industry, Spain’s Sateliot and maritime container tracking leader T42 aim to revolutionize container tracking and monitoring with 5G-IoT technology. This exceptional venture will deploy thousands of 5G-IoT sensors linked to Sateliot’s LEO satellite constellation, promising unparalleled oversight over sea-borne goods.

The implementation of 5G and 5.5G continues to hit roadblocks for mobile network operators – from an overwhelming number of O&M alarms to growing energy usage. Striking a balance between enhanced user experience and energy efficiency becomes crucial. Furthermore, the substantial financial expenditure for service provisioning underscores the need for attracting high-value customers. As the industry clarity grows on evolving towards autonomous networks, the two standout levels are L3 – a process that enhances efficiency, and L4 – that takes O&M to a proactive level with preventive tactics. Huawei’s solutions in this field focus on syncing optimal energy efficiency with ideal service experience. Interestingly, Huawei’s collaboration with a German operator led to the introduction of a premium package, further opening doors to business growth.

To uncover the dark secrets behind this staggering figure and delve deep into the issue of AIT fraud, we sat down with Tim Ward, the Vice President of Number Information Services at XConnect. With over three decades of experience in the telecoms industry, Tim Ward brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the table. At XConnect, he has taken the helm of the Number Information Services division, leading initiatives in sales, marketing, and product management. Under his guidance, XConnect has launched innovative services that set new standards for access to network, service, and user information.

Two prominent players in the outsourced IT services for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) sector, Uptime Solutions and Inbay, have officially joined forces, marking a pivotal moment in their industry collaboration. This merger solidifies their collective standing as the ultimate destination for comprehensive outsourced IT services tailored to the evolving needs of MSPs.

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