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In response to the escalating demand for cloud services across public and private sectors in Italy, TIM, the leading telecommunications provider, has announced a strategic collaboration with Oracle. This partnership aims to integrate Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) into TIM’s managed cloud services, marking a significant step towards meeting Italy’s evolving cloud requirements.

Telecom26 and MiWire are pushing the envelope with a pioneering maritime connectivity trial. The eSIM-based service aims to shift the commercial shipping industry’s reliance on costly and inflexible satellite technology, unlocking cost-effective data accessibility. Ships that stick to set routes can benefit from seamless, uninterrupted service leveraging terrestrial cellular networks for up to 50km sea distance, before transitioning to satellite connectivity.

A cutting-edge initiative partnered with South Tyneside Council aims to transform a port into an innovation hub in the maritime sector utilizing 5G cameras and IoT sensors. This endeavor, backed by a £37 million grant from the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, is set to pilot electric port operations, advanced transportation systems, live streaming, and smart farming.

First Orion, the leading provider of branded communication solutions for enterprises, announces that the industry’s first real-time out-of-band call authentication solution, INFORM Paired, is now available across all major U.S. carriers. INFORM Paired ensures bad actors cannot impersonate a branded call from a legitimate enterprise and, as a result, reduces the risk of consumers getting scammed.

TIM, the Italian telecommunications giant, encountered a significant drop in its share value following the announcement of an expected increase in net debt by over €1 billion due to the sale of its networks division. The company’s strategic initiative, dubbed the Free to Run plan, aimed at reducing debt through the sale, ironically led to a sharp decline in share prices, which plummeted further after the disclosure of financial details on Monday.

Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. has launched Virtuora® IA, an innovative suite of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered network applications. This breakthrough technology, designed to enhance the performance of mobile network operators (MNOs) with significantly streamlined operations, incorporates network-focused machine learning (ML) models and deep telecommunications expertise. By leveraging neural network modeling, Virtuora IA aims to offer MNOs a substantial edge in the competitive 5G arena and future markets.

TIM’s leadership has expressed dissatisfaction with the Italian government’s initial purchase proposal for its Sparkle subsea cable division, prompting CEO Pietro Labriola to seek improved terms. The decision follows a recent bid by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which has been deemed inadequate by TIM’s board of directors. Amidst ongoing discussions about the board’s composition, the focus has swiftly shifted back to negotiations, underscoring the complex nature of the transaction involving Sparkle.

Singtel ramps up its maritime digital services by integrating the innovative satellite technology from Starlink. This breakthrough aims to inspire ship operators into adopting digital solutions such as AI, 5G, edge computing, and cloud-based technologies for improved operational efficiency and safety measures. Starlink, a first-of-its-kind low Earth orbit broadband service included in Singtel’s comprehensive iSHIP offerings, offers enhanced connectivity and reduced latency.