Kamile Bigenyte


Tollring, a leading developer of analytics software, has introduced its Analytics 365 AI-Powered Recording to the Microsoft Azure and AppSource marketplaces. This new feature enhances the Analytics 365 portfolio, providing comprehensive recording capabilities for Microsoft Teams. The AI-driven tool offers transcription, keyword detection, topic analysis, sentiment evaluation, and outcome analysis, allowing organizations to gain in-depth insights into customer interactions and behavior patterns.

T-Mobile US has launched a new backup fixed-wireless access (FWA) service called Home Internet Backup in response to frequent network outages and an anticipated severe hurricane season. This new service is an entry-level FWA subscription priced at $30 per month, which includes a bundled home gateway. It is designed to be a cost-effective alternative to T-Mobile’s existing Home Internet package, offering a $20 discount.

The 2Africa subsea cable, touted as the world’s largest, now includes a direct connection to the UK thanks to Vodafone’s involvement. This ambitious project highlights significant global collaboration, with key partners including Bayobab, Center3, China Mobile International, Meta, Orange, Telecom Egypt, and WIOCC. The inclusion of both US and Chinese interests is particularly remarkable, showcasing cooperation despite ongoing geopolitical tensions.

In developed markets, copper telecom networks are rapidly being replaced by more efficient fiber optic cables. Despite this shift, the value of copper is surging in other sectors, particularly in electric vehicles and renewable energy. The metal’s worth has soared over 50% from pre-pandemic levels due to high demand and lower mining outputs, with forecasts suggesting a further 50% increase in demand by 2040.

The ‘Global State of CX 2024’ report by CX Network highlights rising concerns about data privacy and security. Eaton’s NetDirector KVM over IP switches allow remote management of up to 32 devices with robust security, space-saving design, and compatibility. DE-CIX study shows 70% of major US Internet Exchanges are now neutral. Lanner unveils the ECA-6051, a high-performance edge AI server.

Greenerwave, a French deep-tech company specializing in electromagnetic wave control, along with its partners in the 6G Non-Terrestrial Networks (6G-NTN) project, has released a white paper titled “Vision on Non-Terrestrial Networks in 6G Systems (or IMT-2030).” This document outlines the future of connectivity within the 6G ecosystem, highlighting the anticipated development of a new generation of wireless communication technologies expected to begin deployment around 2030.