Eutelsat CEO, Eva Berneke, has recently spoken out on the need for increased competition in satellite connectivity. M&A

Voice of Eutelsat’s CEO Eva Berneke for satellite connectivity competition crystalizes among customers’ cry for variety. Merging with UK’s low-Earth orbit firm, OneWeb, has catalyzed Eutelsat’s evolution as a fusion of GEO and LEO capabilities. This major leap signifies a stride in service offerings, blending Eutelsat’s superior GEO satellites with OneWeb’s timely LEO constellation, aiming for a global reach by year-end.

The recent merger of IOH and Hutchison 3 Indonesia, has rapidly elevated the combined IOH to become Indonesia's second-largest operator. M&A

The monumental $6 billion merger of Indosat Ooredoo and Hutchison 3 Indonesia has quite literally shifted the telecommunications landscape, propelling the newly formed IOH to Indonesia’s second-largest operator. Amid the complexities of combing networks, meticulous planning was key, and despite the odds, the venture has resulted in substantial improvements in service and competitive edge.

LLA is set to raise over $400 million through a deal selling tower sites across various Caribbean and Central American markets. M&A

Unveiling an intriguing alliance, Liberty Latin America plans to sell 1,300 mobile tower sites to Phoenix Tower International for $407 million, paving a strategic path toward debt reduction and further enterprise investment. This comprehensive deal, incorporating markets from Panama to Puerto Rico, uniquely positions PTI in the telecom landscape and underscores Liberty Latin America’s focus on mergers and acquisitions to amplify its regional impact.

In a strategic move to bolster its mobile network, Australia's telecom firm, Telstra, acquires local operations of cell provider Dense Air. M&A

In a strategic move to bolster its mobile network, Australia’s premier telecom firm, Telstra, acquires local operations of small cell provider Dense Air. Both financial details and timelines of the transaction remain veiled. This comes after the Australia Competition Tribunal blocked Telstra’s partnership with TPG, favoring competition and avoiding regional coverage setback. While rivals speculate, Dense Air’s retreat from Trans-Tasman markets coincides with Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners’ takeover. This deal provides Telstra’s network expansion plans with crucial additional spectrum capacity.

In a surprising turn of events, Cellnex has made the decision to relinquish its private networks segment, shedding it off to Boldyn Networks. M&A

In a surprising shift, Cellnex decides to offload its private networks niche to Boldyn Networks, refocusing its operations back to its base business of towers. This comes despite previously earmarking the private networks sector as critical for growth and the Superlative successes recorded by Edzcom, the Finnish-based firm that designs and runs 4G and 5G networks. This transition aims to trim the company’s debt. In contrast, Boldyn Networks is ready to capitalize on the promising growth in 5G private networks, projected to hit $109.4 billion by 2030.

Telefónica, a major Spanish operator group, has recently proposed the acquisition of remaining shares in Telefónica Deutschland. M&A

Telefónica, a Spanish operator group, is set to acquire the remaining shares of Telefónica Deutschland, taking a decisive leap in consolidating their place in the European telecom sector. This bid, however, isn’t without its potential hurdles. For stakeholders to see potential, they need to be convinced the company’s predicted growth won’t overshadow the offered price. Meanwhile, a surprising twist comes into play as Saudi operator group, STC, expresses its interest to buy a stake in Telefónica, triggering a wave of political interest in Spain.

In a bold move last year, Rogers took an ambitious leap by acquiring its competitor Shaw for an overwhelming sum of $15 billion. M&A

Navigating controversy and complex negotiations, Rogers Communications’ acquisition of Shaw Communications, perhaps unexpectedly, resulted in significant job cuts. Amidst skepticism and fears of further layoffs, Rogers remains steadfast in their stance, insisting on their commitment to job creation. However, the telecommunications landscape is a convoluted jigsaw, and this merger has merely revealed another challenging piece.

One New Zealand has inked an agreement to buy the local operation of UK-based small cell provider Dense Air. M&A

One New Zealand’s strategic acquisition of local operations from UK-small cell provider Dense Air aims to strengthen mid-band spectrum. Promising enhancements to fixed-wireless access services, this merge incorporates a significant 70 MHz of spectrum into One NZ’s 4G and 5G networks. This move aligns with the company’s efforts towards modernizing its network, hinting towards a customer-centric future with expanded 5G network and possible SpaceX collaboration.

T-Mobile's $23 billion merger takes a twist as the company is pushed into the spotlight over allegations of anti-competitive activities. M&A

This saga involving T-Mobile’s massive $23 billion merger takes a fresh twist as the company is pushed into the spotlight over allegations of anti-competitive activities. Seven complainants allege that the consolidation of the mobile space resulted in AT&T and Verizon hiking their prices. With these lawsuit-triggered questions featuring at the heart of the upcoming Connected America conference, the telecom industry braces itself for this landmark case’s outcomes.