GPT-4 is the latest artificial intelligence (AI) model produced by OpenAI, a San Francisco-based research lab. The AI model, which is intended to improve deep learning, is available to paying OpenAI users via ChatGPT Plus with a usage cap. Developers may join a waitlist to gain access to the API.   GPT-4 is capable of handling more sophisticated tasks than its predecessor, GPT-3.5. This AI software version can generate text, process image and text inputs, and perform at a “human level” when related to a variety of professional and academic benchmarks. OpenAI spent six months “iteratively aligning” GPT-4 using lessons learned from an internal adversarial testing program and ChatGPT. The model’s skills extend beyond visual understanding; it can label and analyze relatively complicated images, as well as handle nuanced instructions.   A number of high-profile clients are presently using GPT-4. Stripe uses GPT-4 to scan company websites and provide a…